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It's so sad... but have to go on!

Ok, the anger is gone! It's done! But so is my 9 month relationship! I guess you can say now that quitting smoking changed my life!! Funny... not:( And also this is my first crisis as a non smoker! What an irony! One of the main reasons I quitt is because he is not smoking! I guess something good came out of the 9 months! I am broken... and is weird how the quitt was the first concern in my life... not anymore! I have something else to suffer for! Am I lucky or what? I thought about smoking... an entire filed of tabacco! It didn't happen and it won't you know?! I am so disappointed of the stuff that happened in my personal life I couln't bare to be even more disappointed of myself! I hope you guys are doing good, I just stepped on the 2nd month... 2 days ago!

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Hi Enough :D

I'm so sorry you're relationship of 9 months is finished, but pleased to hear you're still a non smoker [sorry that sounds a bit callous] but not meant that way

Smoking wouldn't have helped at all as you say you would have been so disappointed with yourself not to mention hopping mad

Well done on entering yous 2nd month


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well. Thats rubbish. I am so sorry that its over. But am so pleased you have not smoked. Hold your head up high and be proud of yourself. xxxx


So sorry you..... a break-up sucks as much as quitting smoking...... it's kind of a similar process even I hear! You know, anger, denial, grieving...... just go through the stages as best as you can and when you are all happy and whole again you will be ready for someone else.... AND you won't have to quit in the middle of your next relationship as you will be a nonsmoker already! Great, great job for not lighting up.... I KNOW the temptation must have been incredible to use break-up as excuse! Hang in there!!



commiserations on your break-up. And well done on continuing your quit. Certainly is something to take strength from that through a crappy time you didn't reach for the false support of a fag. Keep strong, things will get better.



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