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Day 12 - reflecting on trip to London day before

Hi All

Day 11 was tricky - had to go into London on the train and meet some people alone for an important sales presentation/chat. In the morning, my mind made me think I should cancel, or go mad. Felt I was going nuts. Really, deep dowen, I though I was looking for an excuse to smoke so was determined I would not give in...even though I really was in a bit of a mess :-)

Later, I reflected that I always smoked in London, the last 'clean time' was when I visited when about about 8 years old.

Yesterday, at the station in Hampshire, I immediately felt an urge since I used to smoke every day on train platfiorms. Then, when I arrived in London, it hit me hard again since I'd normally need another, then again, after an underground trip. See the pattern ? Then I'd always sneak another before any important meeting, perhaps 2 then one after, then one before the train and then another on arrival at the home station.

Anyhow, I fortunately managed to weave my way through the lot, and even did better in the meeting than when I was smoking (Felt I connected better on a human level - instead of either being high on fags, worrying about my breath, or thinking about lighting the next one after my escape). It even occurred to me after that, ....most of the scenery/ views I've seen seen in London is because I was smoking...otherwise I would have been inside a building. Wierd but true. I do walk around more at the moment, determined not to be cooped up inside because I don't smoke.

After that, day 12 was far easier, as I'd hoped....though urges do keep coming still.

Will keep you posted.

Kind Rgds


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A big well done to you, day 12 smoke free and with a trip to london full of triggers and craves, wow, you are strong, and will get stronger each day!

well done again!



Great attitude Guy.

Hang in there it will get easier.




Hi Guy :D

Well done you for fighting of those massive triggers and each one that you fight off makes you stronger, so that the easier it will be when the next one comes along

You now know you can do this so just hang on in there


Marg xxxxxxx


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