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improvements all the way

hi, i'm john, 40, smoked for 21 years at 40 per day and i'm a nicotine addict-

i just moved into day 13 and i'v had my first nicotine crave since i started this final successful quit-but dont worry i'm not smoken- now or today-i'm down to 10mg of patch and taking my oil dudes-i have my nicotine reduction plan and i'm seeing it thro this time no matter wat my brain thinks-knowledge has taught me how to deal with it-and i'm just gona let it stew , but not put myself too close to temptation just yet-

almost 2 weeks without a cig and i notice changes already-i'm sore all over, which is class-i play football-now i'm able to run up a sweat--its great-my muscles havent caught up with th improvement in my breathing-they will-next week i'll be less sore and feel much better-

i walk a lot-as a smoker walking uphill made th muscles in th backs of my legs very sore-that soreness and tightness have gone-not completely, but enough for me to notice and its great-there can only be improvment-all round better-my feet arnt cold wen i go to bed-that always worried me-now i'll have to think of other things to worry about:eek:

stopping smoking is well worth it-i'm glad to be here and am moving forwards dudes-hope yuns are doing well too!:D

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Its great to feel the benefits isn't it! I was amazed how quickly they kick in.

Be sure to remember how good it feels to be smoke free, for when those pesky temptations come knocking!!




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