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Newcomer to the site

Hi, I started taking Zyban on 1st April but because you carry on smoking for a week I suppose I officially stopped on 7th April.

So far so good although there are times when I get the urge or just stop myself going into the garden for a cigar. I carry one of the inhilators with me to suck on but don't use it much ( wouldnt you think they would make these things to look like a cigarette? )

So I've stopped smoking for 15 days, I feel better and have more money in my pocket but I start my twelve hour night shifts tomorrow night on my own. This is when I will know if I have the will power to go through with it once the boredom sets in.

I'm also listening to an audio version of Allen Carr's book, The Easy Way to stop smoking.

Good luck to everyone trying to stop.


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welcome to the forum

Great to see another quitter joining us. There's some of us who are struggling and can relate to each others problems and there's the experienced quitters that are great at passing on their wisdom and experience. Although I'm amoung the strugglers at the moment, I can honestly say that this site is a great place to be and I have found it more helpful than I can say. Well done with your quit so far and I hope you find this forum as helpful to you as I have. Looking forward to reading your posts. Good luck with your quit



hey there

i'm also new and trying to stop this ugly habbit. i've been trying all the normal methods of just saying no and patches and nothing really did the trick.

i was looking on the net a few days ago and came across this article in a free health articles site that says you can stop smoking in 60 minutes and i wanted to know your take on something like that (take a look at the article you might see things in it i didn't it's in the health section)

should i try it?


My apologies if i won't click on any links submitted, but i will wish you good luck.

There are indeed many methods out there, and some methods work better for others. The best one i ever found was simple... 'just don't smoke', and that can be applied to every single method out there.

Best of luck with whichever method you employ this quit .. do report your progress.



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