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could use some tips please

Im coping ok but so tired of the mind games, and I just want to relax but as soon as I do they start nagging non stop. I say over and over I DONT SMOKE!!! Tried counting backwards, singing. Then as soon as i start to relax again back they come. Im just exhausted. Has anyone any good tips that they found worked.

Mark is doing ok he says it wasnt as bad as yesterday.

Hugs to everyone X

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Hi Mel :D

I'm so sorry you're finding it hard going at the moment but there is no easy way, you just have to hang in there and go with it, this must seem so hard especially with Mark not finding it to bad at the moment,

Listen to what B B is telling you OK, like him I know that it will get easier for you and deep down you know that we're both telling you the truth about this,

Mark may have it easier this week, but he may find next week haerder than you

There are no rules in this fight but it's a fight well worth winning I promise


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Dont worry i will hang in there, been close to tears a few times but keep fighting them back. Mark had hell of a day yesterday and got through it today has been better for him so im sure its just a case or taking the bad with the good if you know what i mean. At least we arnt having bad days at the same time the poor dog wouldnt know where to run.

When i got back from hosp with Mum took the dog for a long walk bless him when we got back he was limping and has been asleep for most of the evening, may have to borrow someone elses dog if he isnt up to it lol.

Thanks for your replies I will get there. ;)



fav music thro th earphones on my own-choose the music to suit ur mood-rage, easylisten, romantic, disco watever- drift off to th tunes-it works for me:)


No way out

Mel, although I received this tip from Billy, I gather it may be from another website..

BUT it worked for me..

I told myself I had quit before I quit.. during that champix lead up to cease time.. so in effect I had stopped roughly around one or two weeks before I quit.. i cant remember exactly when i read the words from Billy

and then I spent days and days hour after hour of telling myself NO WAY OUT.. you know at all those times the idea of why now is not a good time to quit... or why it is better to smoke for a while and postpone the quit..

I just gave myself NO WAY OUT of quitting..


I rarely think of a cigarette.. in fact I dont think cigarette..

What I have managed to change in my brain is that the previous thoughts of a cigarette are actually a call for SUGAR... (someone tole me that cigarette manufactureres put sugar and licorice in the cigarette to open the airways.. you know the same thing coffee does.. OPEN AIRWAYS)

No matter whether it is true or not.. I used this to change my thinking from nicotine to sugar craving.. AND IT WORKS

so i take a gulp or two or three or four of coke or a couple of lines of chocolate...or half a block.. ( i must say i have eaten about eight large bars of chocolate and drunk many litres of coke...)

but after my sugar fix im off again..

AND now (eve of three weeks) the sugar is dropping off and the need for copious water and protein is replacing it..

and with luck i will capitalise on the champix to alter the brain connections for sugar..

hope this helps a little trendy...

i know the feeling when those brain connectors grab hold...

and really can only say that thanks to billy's or whoever's words they were..

THE NO WAY out really helped me..

as did the changing of my brain wave connections to being a non smoker even before i stopped..

I can see others smoking, buy cigarettes for others and the cigarette doesn't send my brain into connections that relate to my being a smoker...

I just not a smoker...

and have given myself NO WAY OUT to become one

so you see the no way out can be used for all manner of applications..

all the best trendy


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