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Hey - Update Time

Hi everyone who has been around as long as me or near enough.

I haven't posted for weeks and suppose I've not been loitering either.

Everything is fine and I'm in training to do a 10km charity run in the autumn. The goal of a half marathon is still too far away, but it will come in time.

I do not on a day to day basis think of the fags but every now and then I think one would be nice - but don't act on it as I know I cannot do it.

I'm getting better with the eating too. My snacking is back under control and I have now packed away the fat clothes again :D

I'm still amazed and perplexed that I've done this - I never intended too and my poor husband is very proud but also a little bit pi$$ed that I managed to do it before him when I'd categorically said I was never quiting.

I have not really noticed anything else thats different about me. And I think thats a good thing. I had a phase where I thought it wasn't "me" to be a non-smoker but those around me say I haven't changed - odd, but if you too are struggling with this concept - ask those you can trust, smokers and non smokers and see what they say.

I hit my six month mark yesterday - but spent yesterday away at another

bl00dy football match that we lost and cranked up the pressure of relagation. I chew more gum than Sir Alex!

Hope everyone is well - don't give up and remember you do not define yourself by your choice of drugs!!



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Well done to you, cant wait to get to 6 months.....

Posts like yours make me feel it is all worth while..... Good luck on the trainining for the run...... . Kaz :p


Hi F2Q :D

Great to hear from you again and very well done on 6 months quit



Marg xxxxxx


Excellent to hear from someone 6 months down the line.

I have had to dig out the fat clothes after only 2 months. :(

Well done you.




I have had to dig out the fat clothes after only 2 months. :(

Well done you.



Ta - Yeah my waist expansion was rapid - very rapid.

If your no good in metric let me put this to you in stones:

I am five foot nothing and put three stones on between October and January. That is a size 10 to a large 14. It was partly due to the fact that I could not stop eating, partly to do with the fact that I used to smoke to stop me eating and partly to do with the fact that I couldn't go to the gym daily as I was ill (I got pneumonia - 2 weeks in hospital stopped me smoking).

It was amazing - a pregnant woman does not put on weight that quickly!

Once you feel comfortable tackling it let me know - but only think about it if you are comfortable with the non-smoking!


fat clothes away !!!!

FTQ you have given me yet another reason to keep going.. :D

.... to put the fat clothes away :D

WOW and a marathon in the making...

what an inspiration you are :)


Hiya F2Q-long time no hear!

Glad things seem to be going well for you now-I'm impressed about the 10k run-no way could I do that!

I take it from your football comments you are a Toon supporter? I can commiserate to a certain extent but you should spare a thought for me-my team (Brighton & Hove Albion) are a whisker away from League 2-we'd swap with your lot anyday! It's enough to make you want a fag-oh no-I don't do that anymore!

Well done on achieving 6 months-a great milestone-next stop the penthouse!


Hiya Popsies,

Congratulations to you too quit buddy!

As for the football - not Toon, worse, Hull City. And yes I do know about almost going out of the leagues as thats exactly where Hull City was 10 years ago. You getting that much planned new ground yet? That could make or break you. We turned round our fortunes as soon as we got in the new ground, kindly provided by the council!

See Ya in the penthouse! (Or next month when we come to gloat)



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