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Well Done

I am not sure where to put this post as it applies to everyone!

However, I just wanted to say well done to you all.

There have been some struggles but everyone has done brilliantly.

Personally, I think that it doesn't matter how you quit, patches, gum, cold turkey, whatever works for you and gives you the strength to make that all important decision to quit.

This forum the support and advice from others and the links to other sites provide the perfect mental springboard to continue a cold turkey quit or make the leap from nrt when you are ready. Well, it worked for me as a succesfull patches quitter anyway! So. Hurrah for every non smoker. I raise a cup of tea in your honour! ( Yawn... its early I know, my 3 year old needed a wee!)xxxx

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I couldn't agree with you more and would like to join you in raising my cup of tea to us all. However we get there is unimportant, as long as we get there.

3 Cheers to us all, long may the support continue. Thanks to everyone for the support and links available on this site



Raise a cuppa

Hi Fiona & Hopeful, Couldnt agree more...... I feel I should come off patches cos of all the anti nrt posts really, but they are working for me at the moment, and to be honest dont feel ready yet??:D


Hi all,

You are all absolutely correct the success of your quit is far more important than how you achieved it, So well done to everyone.



Whooooooo Big up to everyone xxx We're all doing great!!

Keep it up gang!!

psst ... the weather is getting nicer to!! All that lovely fresh air :)


We are all potential life savers - big up to us all !!

Hi Fiona

Thanks for your support, THE APRIL SHOWER group is growing daily. We are there to support each other along with all the help and support we get from the MMQ and individuals who are further down the road than we are.

You know what hun we should all be proud of ourselves, as when you think about it, the members of this forum are actually potential life savers !!






Hi Karen,

I think you should do what you feel is right for you. If you force it you will become negative. If you feel guilty you will become negative! Chill out and take it what pace you need I would say. Patches helped give me the springboard to quit. At about two weeks I personally felt rubbish on them so cut them down until I was weaned off. But, each person is different. Each quit is different. Wait till you are ready I would say, though when your head says come off them follow that thought rather than the suggested time scale!


Hi Everyone :D

I entirely agreee with Fiona on this, we all have our own way of quitting and what suits one may not suit others

But at the end of the day whatever we use be it, Champix, CT, Nrt or whatever if it works for you that's great, if it doesn't try something else OK

But always remember that whatever aid you use that it is only an aid and you'll still need determination and willpower to succeed in this very real



Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Kaz

You should do what feel right for you, no matter what you have read on here, so if you feel you need the patches for a while longer yet just keep using them OK

After all we're all different and so our needs will be different, only you can decide when you no longer need that help

You'll suddenly decide one day that's it I don't need them anymore and stop OK


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


I also agree we are all here to stop smoking how we stop make not diffrence. Well done everyone we are in this together no matter what way we do it the out come is the same. NO SMOKING.xxxxxxxxxx


I quit by standing on my head wearing one red sock and one blue sock whilst eating a marmite and banana sandwich, that has been dipped in cold tea.... It worked for me ..... Does that mean I'm not a real quitter because I didnt go cold turkey ???

Nope sorry it dosent.

No matter how we acheive the final result of being a non smoker - We have all got there... The important thing is that we have got there !!!

Well done every non smoker on this site, and also to those that are about to become one....

P.S. Who likes Cold Turkey anyway.... much nicer served hot :D


I quit by standing on my head wearing one red sock and one blue sock whilst eating a marmite and banana sandwich, that has been dipped in cold tea.... It worked for me

OMG :eek: I hate Marmite!! :)


Good Advice

Hi Fiona & Marg, yeah your both right, I will carry on with my method as 41 days still smoke free, must be working. Then I will come off them, there always falling off anyway when I go to the gym..... Just shows dont really need them if I havent even realised I havent got them on Ha Ha... Thanks again guys....:D


Hi Jim, Yeah you did direct me to your site and it is very helpfull. I am going to start next week cutting the patches, just needed to get through the first month I suppose....

Thanks again, your posts are very encouraging and the sites are very interesting to read....:cool:


I dont think it matters how you quit as in the end when we manage it we will all be free of nicotine ;)


I dont think it matters how you quit as in the end when we manage it we will all be free of nicotine ;)

I agree Mel Doing my best x


not smokn's all very well but wat about th smilies!

not smokn is the holy grail-who cares how u get there dudes-if we all took the same path it'd b rather crowded:eek

now-on a more important note i wanted to talk about me me me me me......yawn:p

just dont smoke dudes:)



dont read on unless u want to be offended dudes

Dear moderator 2,

hi........moderator 2(how many of yuns are ther? are yous like a cyber gang?)............. i c ur off like lightnin wen people r bein interrogated and disrespectd and generally harrassed in an unsavory manner..............nearly startn cyberfights................... and leaven us fainthearted category of nicotine addict wary of our every future keyboardial move....i'm lookn over me shoulder even now as i type fact if ther's any grief connected with this i'm blamen my son............and i can get a psychologist(!) to verify my problem of shouting out passwords in my sleep..............but SERIOUSLY FOLKS...............

why are we only allowed to have 4 smilies per post? smilie's have rights too and i'm settin up a forum on behalf of said smilies-u moderators'll be got-i c a smilie war on the horizon-u have been warned:D


Hiya Fiona

I'm glad you posted that. I penned one along the same lines yesterday, submitted it and that was it gone. In a way I'm pleased it did go, not as user friendly as yours, could have been seen to be a bit antagonistic by someone who doesn't seem to be around now. Like Karen I'm on patches, started on 21, down to 14, and now 7, be off them soon, no rush, I intend to complete the programme as my adviser has suggested. I've seen all the stuff about coming off sooner (for various reasons) but, after 53 years since my first fag, I don't think a couple of weeks will hurt. David xxx


thanks david,

yes I had had a couple of pms from people struggling with the whole anti nrt thing and thought I would try and gee them up with a quiet well done! He had been on my ignore list since about his third post! Its hard though. Someones wine is someone elses poison and how do you create a balance on a forum such as this? Would have loved to have seen your post! I used the triangle which was most scary! Good on those who acted against he whos name we can't speak and mod 2 who did a sterling job.


HIya Fiona

I think the atmosphere has got better.

This is what I Pm'd someone on Monday 13/04

"I would hate this forum to become an us and them thing though. I suppose I'm just been a bit sceptical as usual. David"

More or less what you have said. David xxx


Thanks for your good wishes Fiona. I too had patches to begin with and agree with others, it doesn't matter how we get off fags as long as we do. I think Jim's way of getting off them was a good idea, slow and steady.



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