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76 hours Nicotine free at last

Hi everyone, Just popped in to say that I have now completed 76 hours of CT. This is the best I have felt for such a long time. I'm hoping that the craves have gone for good and all I've got to do now is stay on top of the psychological side of it.

So far today, as thoughts of smoking have popped into my head I have found it quite easy to ignore them.

I honestly feel that I have broken the back of this. OMG what a journey this has been. I know there is still a way to go but I'm seriously hoping it might get a bit easier now that I've got the nicotine out of my system.

How's the rest of The April Shower? I havn't read any post yet so I'm hoping that your all ok.


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Hi Hopeful, soooo glad to hear you are feeling better!! I'm glad you gave up the gum, I really do think it was dragging it out for you!! 76 hours?? sounds like your over the worst hun... so just a case of plodding on with life now and dealing with one thing at a time... but everything else should be returning to normal now ;);)


Good on Ya

Hi Hopeful, good to hear u feel better now. Onwards & upwards for you.... Seems it was the gum dragging u down, u sound so much more positive. Well done :p


Hi Hopeful :D

Great well done no Nicotine left in your system now and i'm so pleased you're feeling better and finding it easier now

Also pleased to hear you're finding easier to ignore the craves

Yes you may have a few rough days to come but now that you're nicotine free it will be easier to cope with them as well


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Proud of you Hopeful :)


Thankyou all so much I know that I couldn't have done it without you. You've all been a huge support to me.


Hi hopeful,

76 hours nic-free is brilliant stuff, well done you. You have every right to feel pleased with yourself. The toughest part is out of the way.:D



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