No Smoking Day
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Brand New Day :)

good morning everyone

its a fantasitc day ok it may be a little drizzly outside but we are all brilliantly... even if your on day 1 or 6 months... every smoker knows how hard it normally is to go 2 hours without one so well done....

ive been quit 6 weeks and 3 days ( and yes i am counting :D )

im off to thailand in 2 weeks and im so greatful that i wont be sitting on the plane for 9 + hours figeting and thinking about sneaking into the toilet for a fag lol....

keep it up everyone :D

x x Julie x x

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Hi Julie :D

6 weeks 3 days huh and so you should be counting well done you a Big Hug is on its way for you

Enjoy your holiday in Thailand and yes it'll be great being smoke free all that extra money to spend as well


Marg xxxxxxxx


well done!! thats brilliant, have a fab holiday x


well done hun

You're not the only one counting lol (38 days today) just feels like such an achievement like you say even a few hours is a big deal when you're a smoker.

When I went to Malaysia I took nicotine gum lol to get me through the 13 hour flight:eek:

Well you can chill out on your flight without stressing about a cig. Hope you have a lovely holiday.....wish I was going, got any room in your suitcase!!!

Keep strong hun x


Good evening Julie,

Well done you - and yes, I'm counting too (29 days and 9 hours!). Have a fabulous trip to Thailand , you deserve it.:D




ha ha Well done Julie, Well as your all counting, so am I,, 41 nearly 42 days, and going strong. You will have a brill holiday without the worry of wanting to smoke on such a long flight.... LOL Kaz ;)


Well done Jewls!

Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Lottie -x-


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