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Hi, to all who have put up with my moans about my husband still smoking I am excited to announce he has just told me he has decided to quit tomorrow!

I have given much applause. I kind of wonder if by the two of us doing it seperately it has made it easier as we haven't talked each other out of quitting as we have on previous occasions when we have tried to quit together. Anyway, I am most proud of him and he is excited! Though he says I must give him many presents and rewards, which I never got. Hmm, short straw methinks...

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maybe on toast.


fiona thats great hun. You can support and advice him easyer now cos you have all this time under your belt. tell him good luck from me but dont forget you must come first and your treats then him. HEHE xxxxxx


Thats excellent news.

If I ever moan on here about my husband then you must remind me that he gave up smoking the day after me to support me!!! I didnt expect him to last but 50 odd days down the line he is still quit with me.

Well done your husband, he knows where to come for some help and support!!



Hi Fiona,

Good news about your husband quitting wish him good luck from us all.



Hi Fiona :D :D

WAHEY that is truly wonderful news I am so pleased for you

Give your hubby a hug from me please I am sure you're pleased with that decision to say the least and I am so glad that he's excited about it

Tell him if he cares to come on here we'll all be here for him OK


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Great News

Hey great news that Fiona, hopefully will make life alot easier for you,

and good luck to your husband on his Big Quit :p


Ah, thanks guys. I do go on about how brilliant you all are, maybe he will join as well! I shall pass on your good lucks. xxxx


Just one problem with that, and not sure how the ever-affectionate Mods would deal with this - though it's crossed my mind several times .. If a second person uses your IP address (ie. your home laptop/PC) to register another userid then this system assumes that it's YOU, Ms Cox, trying to register a second username, to cause mischief (I know, who'da thought it eh?) .. so, it's not allowed - but, hey - go for it, expose the crapness of their filtering and so on .. sure there must be more than you, as couples, trying to quit, and both wanting to use this site .

Good luck !

You raise a good point there BB My wife quit 7 days ago and she has said she might like to join this forum, I do wonder how that would work, I think I might pm a mod and ask.



Man, I am always last to get good news :D Maybe I should move? Naaa.... who could handle you Brits all day :D Just kidding!!!!!!

That is such fantastic news, Fi!!!!!!! I am so glad.... I hope he is not too much of a pain...... if he is, make him come on here and I'll tell him off for ya! I hope he does well and stays determined like you, Fi! You have been so strong and I am so proud of you..... no way could I have ever quit with my mate still proud of you quit buddy..... hug to you my friend! XOXOXOX


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