No Smoking Day
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Thru to week 2 = OXYGEN

Well done all of you who are thru to week three.. :cool:

And a hello to all the week 2's..:)

What a great website.. although am still struggling to find my way around and what is available.. never the less have been reading as much of your writings as i can..

As I move into week two, I'm easing a little on the sugar (naturally,, not forced) and am beginning to crave a lot of protein.. hope that means muscle rather than fat.. (before giving up i was almost off meat.. due to the taste not being like it was in the years of old...)

Still as I'm craving protein I figure it is important for the rebuilding of my body and so am eating it big time..

And sleeping - well still dozing.. but enjoying that oxygen boost..

At present have some building work and clearing out of cupboards being done .. so do need to be on the ball a lot of the day.. HOWEVER am looking forward to the building coming to an end tomorrow and i will DOZE at will... and rejeuvenate...!!!

I read the site recommended on and recalled how when i had my blood screened many years ago.. in live whole blood process.. I could see clearly my red cells CLUMPED together..

YUK now i can see how starved i was of oxygen.. and overloaded with carbon dioxide... (actually IM NOW READY TO LISTEN to how lacking in oxygen i have been as a smoker)

...and the number of white cells was not as many as should have been as well...

i can imagine my blood now will have less CLUMPED together red cells and more enabled white cells...

from blood to oxygen

my feeling all over is "i think" more sensed.. that is with more feeling as it is that NO cigarettes increase the sense of taste.. so it increased all senses..

the niggles for a cigarette are still present.. . however with the sugar reduction occurring at same time.. feel that I may be on the way to NO NIGGLES...

cross fingers!!!

cheers jane

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Hi Jane :D

Into week 2 that's great well done you

I'm so pleased you're beginning to feel the benefits of not smoking


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi jane Well done. You really sound like you know your stuff. :)


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