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No Smoking Day
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running on day 4

well got up this morning went running, i couldnt help it! i can't stop, its the most amazing experience ive ever had!

in a way i am glad i started smoking, so now i can fully appreciate life more, and relate to people that smoke and want to quit!

god theirs so much things to do, i better go! lol


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Jamie... you are fantastic xxx you sound absolutely BRILL :D

No need to give you the KEEP AT IT talk.... I'm in no doubt that you will ever NOT keep at it :D

Well Done!!:D


Jamie, you sound like your enjoying this! That's wonderful and fills my with hope for myself. Yes it is good to have more energy and not to stink anymore. WELL DONE YOU



keep runnin

ur posts r a positive buzz jamie-i dont think i can keep up with u so a big


for ur positive buzz dude-keep on runnin:)


cheers guys...wow had the music up really loud skipping like crazy!!!

i feel like a kid again!!!

ive just realized my lifes been put on hold since i started smoking haha i am so happy i keep smiling!!!

i am all red in the face lol i feel like an animal haha

excercise is the key everyone and it doesnt have to involve you know...i grit my teeth and push my heart into anything i can get my hands on...

lets do this everyone!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Jamie :D

Your energy amazes me on day 4

When I go to town I'm buying me a skipping rope, don't think I could cope with running HA HA


Marg xxxxxxxx


skipping rope HAHA yeah its great isnt!!!

keep having these thoughts about camping, climbing mountains, running events etc!

its true what they say! it really really does change your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hi Jamie,

You are an inspiration,keep it up.


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