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The week 2 milestone

Havn't go time to post anything much. I just wanted to make my first post in the WEEK 2 section.

It's taken my loads of slips since 25.2 but I'm really starting to feel confident about this.

When I first came to this forum I was feeling guilty about every slip I had, had. But now I can see how much I have learned from each slip.

So this is the beginning of week 2 for me. It's not easy but it's much less hard than it was.

will post again later

How's you ETB Stay Strong,


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WHOOOOOOOOO well done hopeful!!! you sound different in yourself this time to. Brilliant! I think the further you get into your quit, the more you think " No way am I caving in now... I have come miles to far " and you have!! to undo it all now would just be a crying shame.... well this is how I think about it :D and it helps to get through the days/weeks ;)

Well Done again xx


Hi Hopeful :D

On week 2 that's really great well done give yourself a big pat on the back

It's good that you learned from your slips and also pleased that you are finding it easier now and you sound so much more confident now that you did when you first got here


Marg xxxxxxxx


Happy Days

Hi Hopeful, Your going great guns, keep up the good work, Halfway nearly to a month What a great feeling:p


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