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Feeling good!

I found this forum last Tuesday, I had just returned from an appointment with a cessation clinic and I was feeling very down hearted. I was on day 3 and feeling that I really needed support.

It's Saturday now, so that makes it DAY 7 now. I can't thank everyone enough for all the messages and encouragement,

I don't feel alone and I really believe I can do it this time

Today was good again. I do feel tired and not quite myself at the moment but I know it will be worth it. It already is. My sense of smell is back (phoo I can smell smokers now, and they don't smell too good!!!!!!) My sense of taste is back and chocolate taste so lovely at the moment, so that's good.

Don't want to boast but I've had a few compliments about my complection and even I can see it.

Some things, like not being able to concentrate, tiredness, and other minor

aggrevations are there but I believe that I'm over the worst of it now.

EBT girl, keep posting, let's stay strong together 'cos I know we can do it.


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Hi Hopeful :D

Day 7 eh thats the first and worst week done and dusted well done you a pat on the back is in order

I am so pleased you're already feeling the benefits of your quit and

also glad you no longer feel you're fighting this alone

As you say the aggravations are well worth it

Keep going you know you can di this


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Brilliant Hopeful

YOU are through the worst !!!!

Funny about the complection thing, I noticed it in myself very quickly .... did not look grey anymore lol ... amazing what oxygen does for the skin.

You sound SOOOOO positive... Keep it up and be strong...

Your beating the demons !!!!!


wll done hopeful, seven days gone in your new life as a non smoker, its great to see the benefits quickly, and yes i think we get our complexions looking better quick so its scary how little oxygen must have been getting around our bodies!

There can only be so much more to look forward to!

keep positive and keep smiling!:)



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