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Whoaaa - bad day!!!

First spent most of the day at the local hospital waiting to get in then having a lumbar puncture - not the worst of things but also not the most pleasant experience. Then I come home (feeling nothing about ciggies) then Liverpool lose to Chelski and I've had a couple of drinks.............. looking for a smoke now. 2 things in my favour - 1. I can hardly stand and for a few years now we've gone outside for a fag. 2. Wife would probably kill me lol - she gave up in December. Also no fags or tobacco - nearest shop still open about 3 miles away - can't drive - can't walk....... think I may have a cigar stuck in the back of a drawer somewhere. A cigar doesn't count does it?........

Yes I know it does.... just been a hard day.......... sorry to moan on and on...

damn this catch up tv - thought i'd managed to miss the apprentice.... just another reason to want a ciggie lol......... Think I'm going mad...........

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Hi Howbadcanitbe :D

No You're not going mad

You've had a bad day and would before your quit have reached for a fag

just as we all did

But you know smoking won't make that bad day better it will only make it worse because then you'd feel guilty and angry with yourself

If a moan helps moan away we don't care as long as you stay Smoke free and you'll be so proud in the morning for overcoming this crave

Nothing on the tele why not go to bed and firget today


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


You've had a tough day...........Sorry to hear that. Yes, crusty old cigars do count don't they? I know how you feel, I honestly do. I spent my day hanging arround a hospital today and it's not the best place to spend your time. Hope your feeling better now. Soon be bed time then you can tick another day off. In my experience (such as it is) there's usually a good day just arround the corner.

Good Luck, stay strong


Thanks M

Jeez girl -

Don't you ever sleep??? You're right I should go to bed but not comfy to lie down at the moment.

Not going to give in - can't go through the first week again for gods sake......

No - still here still going - and thanks for being an insomniac forum watcher!!


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