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No Smoking Day
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Smoking Dream

Had a really vivid smoking dream just before I woke up this morning, that 20 pack of regal was there again and I lit one up at my mums, smoked in nearly in one drag and though how good it was. also had no remorse what so ever to the people who caught me; my boyfriend, his daughter, my mum. Oh dear!

i have no intention at all to have one I hope its just my brain getting rid of rubbish it doesnt need!!

off for a treat to leeds this weekend, its nice to have abit of extra cash in my pocket!

happy smoke free easter everyone xxxxx

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Hi Sam :D

Those dreams can be really vivid at times but as long as they stay in your

dreams that's fine it could be your brain as you say getting rid of rubbish or it could be the nic demons having a go again

Enjoy oyur trip to Leeds at the weekend and also the ectra cash


Marg xxxxxxxx



The dreams are weired Moog. I had alot of them, but so relived when realised havent had a cig..... But sometimes I really want one first thing more then any other time:( Have a fantastic weekend, Leeds has a brill nightlife.... But remember B Strong:)


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