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Failed..... Or have i ?

this is really strange !!!!!!!!!

4 months and 3 weeks as a non smoker but...

on friday 03/04/2009 through to monday 06/04/09 i was fiiting my bathroom and had a lot of stress then today at work even more problems but i smoked about 30 cigs over a few day period and got to 10am today and just stopped dead.

decided i dont want to smoke and the craving just went away.

what type of mind set is this?

how can i cave in one moment then a few days later become a non smoker again.

this happened the same a month ago for 1 day and i smoked about 9 but then the craving passed and i was ok for another month.

if i was still addicted then the ciggies i smoked should have sent me back to the beginning but it has not.

confused but glad to be a non smoker ...even if that does sound like its taking the pi********.



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Your just bloody odd Tim!!!;)

haven't gt anything constructive to say to that really, but 30 in a few days is alot!!!

and as you said you had some a month ago too-don't let your guard down-you sound as if you are confident in smoking then not smoking-it can creep up on you in the most unobvious ways-does this mean you will have 40 fags for a few days next month? be careful babes:(


I have to agree with Shabba - you have to be careful.

If you need to turn to ciggies when you get a stressful situation then you will start to make excuses for yourself more and more often until you are back on them every day. Well I know that's how I have failed in the past.

You have done so well to have got this far - don't go throwing it away.

You are a non-smoker now and non-smokers don't have the odd one (or 30!) when they feel the need.

Keep strong.


Hi tim :D

I agree with Shabba & Jerry lee you need to be very careful with this at this rate next month oy'ull smoke a lot more than this if you think about it 9 last month 30 this logically the next time it will be 50

I think you probably need to do a lot more reading to get that mind set right

But having said all that you've managed to quit again but for how much longer can you do this


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


I think you have to be very careful with how you think about these 2 times when you have lost your quit, Tim.

If you can keep thinking of them as "slips" or "lapses", then you might get away with it and be able to continue smoke free....

But if somehow you manage the thought to enter your head that you have it under control then you will just smoke more and more often.

You can never have an addiction under control. The only part you can control is YOU. Simple fact, if you want to be a non smoker - don't smoke.

I don't mean to be harsh, but the simple fact of the matter is that people who don't smoke don't smoke..... no matter what the situation is.

All the best with it,



I agree. Be careful. On a previous quit I used to smoke 'just on holiday' and smoked using the other hand. No crave when I came back from hols. I convinced myself I could control the addiction and habit by using my left hand! (ridiculous), so then started only smoking when I went out on a big night out, which to be fair was once every couple of months. And so on, and so forth, and then within a year I was back full time olympic smoking.


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