No Smoking Day
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Woohoo! Day 7!

Hi folks,

Well I successfully made it to day 7 without a smoke or any other tobacco. Just keeping with my gum. Hey I need to update my facebook -'One week off the smokes' lol. Do that in a mo.

I guess I'll be counting in weeks before too long *fingers and toes crossed*. Hey day 7 sounds good, doesn't it, J? :D

Well I did a massive spring clean today, everything: Washing, cleaning, vacuuming, dusting. Gotta prepare for tomorrow ;). I went for a big food shop a couple of hrs ago and got all the necessary stuff to make a chilli for my date tomorrow evening. Mmm, chilli con carne... Cantaloop melon for dessert.

Thanks for your support and encouragement yesterday, I'm having a much better day today.

Love you all, P x.

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Don't think you an Gemma gonna be alone tomorrow..........MMQ Crew comin round for Chilli Con Carne and Melon............Ha Ha. J. x :p

PS..Did you notice my sig, changed it last night cos I was worried bout you.


PS..Did you notice my sig, changed it last night cos I was worried bout you.

Hey I just spotted that, thanks for your thoughts. I'll tweak mine too (the 29th March crew lol).

Thanks for being there for me ;)

Love P. x


Hi Paul and J :D :D

Natter, Natter you too are really doing great and you never run out of things to say either

Paul glad you're having a better day today, spring cleaningand shopping for your meal with Gemma oh boy that't a great meal


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Well done you 2!!!

So very proud of you both.....can't wait till I've completed my first week.....oh....wait.....that's tomorrow:phehe

Keep up the good work:D

Lottie -x-


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