No Smoking Day
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:)Hi Everyone,

Just would like to start with a Massive Big Well Done to everyone on the forum for doing so well, and welcome to the newbies...

I have just been out to treat myself to a lovely handbag with my Cash 4 Ash, Need these little treats to keep me going.......

My next treat is for tickets to see Pink at the end of the month, so will need a couple of weeks without taking the money out of my jar, but will get there, support so brilliant on this site..... Dont want to fall out of the Mad March Quitters Crew Ha ha Kaz x :p

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Aint it gr8 !!!!

I took my wife and son out for dinner last Saturday night after spending the afternoon shopping....

I had a couple of hundred pound to spend so I did !!!!

I could have had that satisfaction fo years :mad:


Hi Kaz & Greg :D :D

Good morning glad you're both treating yourselves with the money you've saved

I also treat myself have had quite a few now but the latest is a Holiday in May I'm going to Cornwall for a few days so saving my money now to spend then


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi all,

I havent really treated myself yet as the money I'm saving is going towards dental treatment:mad: god I hate the dentist, but looking on the bright side,if I was still smoking I wouldnt be able to afford it!!

And theres always next month to go mad in the shops!!:D

Lottie -x-


YEAH!!:D Its great isnt it and doubly great spending your money on yourself, feelgood spend, not on bills!!

Keep it up peeps, been able to go on holiday with the proceeds wow Margaret thats fantastic!!


Hi All :D

Spent some of my holiday spending money today HA HA

Sat down for tea, put the telly on and clicked on the shopping channel, garden day

Couldn't resist so got a planter [wood] 2 smallish cherubs,a cherub planter and a hedgehog solar light the whole lot only cost em about £30 so will still have some left and time to save some more as holiday already paid for


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Good you deserve it Marg, I have to treat myself regularly, even if only a bunch of flowers (what a great excuse hey):cool:Kaz xx


Haha good for you Marg! knock yourself out, at least your money is going on something that can really enjoy:D

Lottie -x-


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