First month nicotine free !!

Where do i belong ? I am now day 31, my day 1 for quit was 4th March so am i allowed to be here now ?? Completed 4 weeks and 3 days and this monthly milestone seemed sooo far back then and it's past midnight on 3rd of the month so surely i am allowed here in month 1 now ??

Very sad i have woke up and jumped straight on here to enter my first post in the monthly forum !!!! Hope this is where i belong now else il be gutted im still in the weeks, lol

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  • OMG DEE DEE calm dooooooooooown!!!! :D:D

    WELL DONE WHOOOOOOOOOOO 1 month... I can't wait to say that myself!! you should be well chuffed with yourself! and I don't blame ya for jumping out of bed to log on here :D I would too after 1 month hehehe It's a BIGGY .. and you have done it!! FANTASTIC XXXX ;)

  • hey-1 month well done you-of course you belong in there!!! well done ;)

  • Woo Hoo Well done

    Ain't it a great feeling......

    In 4 weeks thats another month done.. weeks are easy to do because you have already done 4 and know how to do them ;) and as for days...well.... they are a piece of cake .... you have done so many.....:rolleyes:

  • Hi Dee Dee :D :D

    1 whole month already well done you congratulations

    Of course you're allowed in there and I don't blame you wanting to get in so bad you got up to post


    Marg xxxxxxxx


    Thats great that you've got through your first month! can't wait to get there myself!

    Keep up all the good work:D

    Lottie -x-

  • Congratulations

    I will be soon in the 1 month I hope, Quit date 9/3 So going strong, Cant wait to join you ha ha:cool: Well done Dee Dee Kaz x

  • Well done, Fantastic , one month thats great, i too would rush on here to celebrate, each step, each milestone, each craving past is soooooo worth celebrating after all you are a non smoker!!!!!!!!!!! how cool does that sound.......!


  • Excellent news!

    You could be a real devil and post randomly over all the forums!!!

    I remember stepping into Month 1 and feeling a million dollars and here I am closing in on the end of Month 2!

    Well done!!!!

  • month 1, day 32

    A huge thank you EVERYONE for your comments and quotes on me reaching the monthly forum, it's so nice to be able to looke back and see how far I have come.

    I wish everyone else well and am just so thankful for the support that has been the main reason i have stayed of the fags. I'm going to soon be able to feel i can offer support to others because i can honestly say this has actually been such a smooth ride overall and it is getting easier and easier.


    Thats great that you've got through your first month! can't wait to get there myself!

    Keep up all the good work:D

    Lottie -x-

    You are doing well enough to be on here so keep going cos it really does get easier - this site is fab for all of us because it is such an addictive habit we once were a slave to and hey look where we are now ! x

  • Well done! A month is a brilliant milestone, blink and you'll be at month 2!

  • Well done Dee Dee!! You've done brilliantly, by now the old habits are out of the door and a new energised you has arrived werhoo!!!:cool:

    Keep it up youre an inspiration!

  • well done dee dee, im right behind you Im in one month tomorrow

    congratulations xxx:D

  • Well done Dee Dee

    I remember starting month two feels soooooooooo good counting in months. CONGRATS good for you hunnie.xxxxx

  • Thanks linda, lottie. Moog, angela, fiona and everyone else !!!

    Well done to all you too and I do feel happy and proud, It's not as awful as week 3 was for me but it is day 33 and I read somewhere that the '3' s were not very good numbers, I am just going to have double helping of strawberries and fresh cream to compensate now !!

    Big pat on the back to you all out there and Andy if you read this I am so glad someone else recognises the 'yipee doo dah, big deal' kind of feelings I experience, BUT it is yipee do dah cos everytime we think of a fag or 'fancy' one we resist cos we're non smokers eh....

    the best tip Linda was 'baby steps'....

  • Great Work Dee Dee :D

  • Dee dee one month is brilliant! Well done!

    TT x

  • Hi Dee dee

    Brilliant - ONE MONTH:D:D

    Keep stong - keep going


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