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No Smoking Day
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Still Excited and Glad Not to Smoke!

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all keeping well and smoke free if possible!

I am very excited! It will be six months since I stopped smoking and it will also be my Birthday on 25/04 so how good is that.......?? (I am easily pleased)

I am still reaping the benefits of quitting and have just coaxed my best friend in the office into quitting and she has done and this is her third week!

Okay, so I thought the physical benefits had reached their peak but, I have had psoriasis for years on my knees (scaley skin. urghh) but it is clearing up.

Even my hands and feet look "better", more colour and smoother skin etc.


And.........I am running, I am jogging and sprinting - me! I couldn't run at school and yet here I am at 38 years old and I am out jogging!!!!!!

Stopping smoking has changed my whole life believe it or not. I think I based many of my routines around smoking.

I will never, ever smoke again for as long as I live no matter what happens and I can't figure out why on earth I did.

I still think about smoking - smelling it triggers memories and I think "I could just do with a fag". Then I can just let that thought go and carry on with what I am doing. It doesn't bother me and even if it does, this is a journey, a process of healing and each passing day, week and month it gets easier and easier.

People still ask me "how is the not smoking going" and I still feel really proud and glad to say I still don't smoke and never will again.

I have not spent £780 on fags since October!!!!! I would say I have saved it but I haven't - I have spent the lot.

I have re-decorated and carpeted the living room in beautiful smoke free, smell free design and it looks fantastic and clean! I love my smoke free home and hate the smell of ciggies now. No more billowing smoke drifting around the lounge (which looked awful in Summer through the sunshine).

Since quitting smoking, I have found a new love; one in which I can indulge within reason without fear of death! It is CHOCOLATE and I love it!

As I exercise for an hour a day I can enjoy a reasonable amount without putting on weight as well. I am quite happy to get on my bike for a handful of Roses. I have also discovered biscuits as well.......drool.

Food is certainly more interesting and pleasureable since I quit and I can understand how easy it is to put on weight. This is why I do the exercise, to get fit and so I can enjoy food without the weight issue becoming a problem.

Anyway, I will shut up now but well done everyone and for those thinking about quitting or trying again, go for it, like your life depends upon it because one day it just might. Don't be one of those people that lays on their death bed, now unable to smoke, wishing they had listened to their inner voice telling them to quits years ago. Keep trying and keep listening to that voice because it tells the truth! Basically, you owe it to yourself to look after yourself because no one else will!

Love and all the best,


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Hi Lisa :D :D

Wonderful post that

At almost 6 months eh that's awesome


Marg xxxxxxxx


Still Excited and Glad Not to Smoke!

Awesome post; six months this month myself and got an addiction to kentucky fried chicken. Ah well. Keep it up!


Enjoyed reading your post, Dharma Queen Lisa!! Good going, you..... 6 months!!! Great job! You sound happy and pleased..... stay that way :D



Great post, everything you say is so true about being smoke free.

Congratulations on 6 months, see you in the pent house soon:D:D



Hi Lisa,

You say you're easily pleased but there is nothing easy about what you have achieved. Well done indeed, an inspiration to us all !!!!!



What a post if that dosnt give every one confodence to stop then I dont know what will:D

I have to agree totally with your post Its fantastice being a NON Smoker !!! I love it.....

Im a lorry driver and I wourk away all week living in my lorry .... it smells so fresh in there now !!!!

And Im not having to wipe up fag ash all the time lol !!!


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