??Room for a little one???

Is there room for a little one in the penthouse??:p

A Year...WOW...even a week ago didn't believe i'd make it...

break open the bubbly and let the party begin:D:D

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way...most definitely would not have done it without this forum!!

and congrats to everyone else who has moved in in the last few months - know there are lots of you but I'm really really bad with names - ask my children!?!?!



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  • Awesome stuff!, congratulations :D:D

    I really can't wait to get there myself!

  • Well done Nicky,

    A year...WOW

    Regards and Congratulations


  • Well done Nicky, you are an inspiration. :)

  • Hi Nicky :D

    1 whole year WAHEY that's great well done I'm aiming to get there as well



    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Nicky.

    One whole year, CONGRATSxxxxxx

  • Well done Nicky.

    Another one makes the penthouse.

    Good for you.


  • Nicky, a year is fantastic:D. Well done, you must feel great.

  • Thanks everyone - great to get your messages...:D

    Am I being silly, or would it have been tooo much to expect the old man to remember/notice?!?!?!????:rolleyes:

    Sallymonstar...congrats on yr day 10 - will soon become weeks then months you are counting in - and, albeit an overused phrase, it is nevertheless true...

    if I can quit the fags ANYONE can...

    good luck

    Nicky x

  • Thanks

    Looks like your question thing at the end of the post worked. Also not having to sign in is nice too. Good job. Nice list. Thanks.

  • Congratulations. Save a space for me in there. I'm only at 3 weeks now but I AM COMMING TO JOIN YOU ALL THERE.

    It's hearing people like you who have made it that is keeping me strong. So thankyou.


  • Congratulations Nicky, What a milestone, Fantastic, am on day 41 so along way behind, but u have to have a day 1, 2 3 etc to get to ONE year....:D

  • Karen & Hopeful... thanks for your msgs...and congrats on your quits - You CAN and WILL join me - I'll keep a look out for you and keep the champagne on ice...

    good going girls...


  • congrats to you,wow, me ,marg ,linda are getting there,, not so far away now,keep some seats for us,,keep the faith tony and keep :D:D:D

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