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I'm a cheat

:o It's 8 days at 23:30pm, but I dunno if I will still be up to post by then and i'm just soooo proud and excited to be moving into the 2nd week section that I couldn't wait til morning :D ( Feel like a child at Christmas lol ) anyway, I know I will NOT be smoking any time soon... so I figured I'm not cheating to much :o

Thank you to everyone for the continued support, and I hope I can help out where ever possible.

Hello to my fellow 2 weekers... and well done!!! (( pst.. isn't it fantastic that we don't have to smoke any more ?? )) :D

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Hmmm that link won't open for me, so not sure what it is... but If it brought a smile, that'll ding dang do for me ;)


Hi Slinky :D

I don't care if you're cheating one little bit and well done on entering week 2 you're doing really great keep it up




Well done, its good to be able to say in .... days I'll on day .... and know that you are not going to falter in the meantime.


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