Day 6 - really?!

Heeeelllloooooo:) What's up?! Just woke up on Day 6, a little disappointed for a few seconds there, untill I realised it was just a... dream!!! A nasty dream in witch I was smoking! Kept wondering how did this happen? I started with a puff, and the next thing I know I was having another one, and another one... WOW!! I was so disappointed... And then we were running, don't know were and why, but I was the fastest and had no problems breathing unlike all the others, and again kept thinking this is because I stopped smoking and now... I picked it up again??!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???!!! And then I woke up!!! Yeeeeyyyyyy:)

And in real world, it's day 6, and I am happy to be here! And in real world, I actually had a good night sleep, after a few hours of restless feelings last night! But I remembered I actually use to have these feelings when I used to smoke, but this time I went to take a shower, and made a little "beauty saloon" in my bedroom! Nice! And I calmed down! And I felt better then when I use to try to calm down using the cigarettes! And in real world I am struggling to convince mself to go for a run, and start running again! Do you think I should feel the benefits on my lungs already?? That was the hardest part for me when running while smoking: breadhing!!

Guys, keep it strong!! It is so worthed!! I am confident if we really want this we will make it! Think about everthing it is happening to you right now as part of the healing process, embrase every benefit that you notice and remember, it can only get better!!!

Good luck!! Thank you for all your support! I realised I would probably still struggle on Day 1 if it wasn't for you, knowing that everything I am going through it's normal helped me to keep going! So read and share, to return de favour!!

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  • This is so weird!!! I had my first " cig " dream last night since I have quit.

    I dreamed that I had smoked a cig in my sleep!! and when I woke up ( in my dream ) I could not understand how it had happened. When I woke up in real life... I was mortified for that few seconds of feeling like it was real. I sat up in bed thinking " omg.. I can't believe I smoked... I can't believe that I have to start it all over again from day 1 " :(

    Then I realised it was a dream, and I felt ecstatic that I had not started smoking again :D and went back to sleep a happy bunny :D

  • WOOOW!!! I KNOW!!! Can you imagine?! A "sleeping" dream?! It must be a deep down level of your subconstious!! But smoking won't happen!! Not even in your dream, unless ou are sleeping!!:):):)

    Ok, trying to be funny here... Maybe it sounds better in my head! Forget it!!

    Funn still!!:p

  • LOL I think I know what ya mean :D haha

  • Hi Enough & Slinky :D

    These sort of dreams are common for us quitters but don't last for long


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Enough & Slinky :D

    These sort of dreams are common for us quitters but don't last for long


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I was just glad that when I woke I felt soooo gutted that i'd started again!!! Because I know I would be in Real life too. :o

  • Hi Enough and Slinky,

    I remember the smoking dreams-the disappointment that you have smoked and the relief when you wake up and are still smoke free.

    Well done both of you on your quits.

  • Thankyou Anniem :D:D

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