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No Smoking Day
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Cash for ash

Hi everyone, Been reading all the posts, great to see so many new guys on board, Good luck to u all and everybody else doing so well on the site. And a special good luck to everyone who has stepped back but got straight back into being smokefree. Dont give up giving up:cool:I have traded Cash for Ash and save in a jar everyday £4 which soons mounts up, then on bad days I treat myself, such a great way to motivate myself. If I dont have much in the jar, cos I have had a big treat I then just treat myself to flowers, or a book. Thanxs again for all your support:p:)Karen xx

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I have saved £166 which I shall continue to add to up until I hit London in a few weeks time and although it wont last long in London it will at least buy me something to treat myself!

Enjoy your cash!




Hi Nog, Well done to you, I cant seem to get past a week saving because I want to treat myself, but that works for me, I sometimes find I owe the jar some money but hey got to have some treat for all the effort. ha ha

Kaz x:p


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