No Smoking Day
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Nearly 18 hours !!!!

Nearly 18 hours, thats 6 hours to go before i have done a full day !!! I havnt had any real cravings so far but i felt so wierd this afternoon. I took the dog out and felt really faint and dizzy not to mention tired :confused:

Anyway here i am and i will take every symptom as a positive !!!

I know there are a few of us on this journey today, hope everyone has held it together. We can support each other and take advise from the others who had gone through it already !!




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Hi E B T Girl :D

You're doing really well nearly a full day now just hang in there you can do this

Feeling faint, dizzy and tired is normal for the first few days I'm afraid because your blood and brain are both suddenly getting more oxygen than they're used to




Hi again EBT girl,

You are doing well,keep it up.

All the weird feelings will go soon enough,stay strong and enjoy breathing the fresh air.


Nearly went to the shop

Hi Bull Terrier

Hang in there - we can do it together. I just stopped myself from going out in the garden looking for dog ends. How sad is that.


Lol... i just stopped myself from getting fags at the shop. I walked on with all the intention of buying some and turned around at the door ... hey at least we didnt give in eh ....


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