No Smoking Day
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Day 20

well ive actually got to day 20.. which makes me feel good to be able to say that,,,

ive made it through last week when i felt anger towards everyone im feeling alot more happier. im just hoping that anger doesnt return i hate arguing with people :-(

yesterday was a bit hard as it was sunday i found myself feeling hungry all day long and i probably ate far to much but anything to get me through the day..... i then woke up from a bad dream last night, normally when that happens i would have a fag to calm me and help me relax and still i resisted just made myself think about my holiday in a few weeks time which helped :-)

i hope most people are having a good day today.. and if you not.. chin up tomorrow will be better :) x x

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Hi Jewls

I'm on day 20 too. Well done on resisting a fag last night. Don't worry about eating more than normal, it'll even itself out in time and it's a darn sight better than smoking!

I'm sure the anger will pass... grrrr!!!


thank you..

and well done to you too x...

im feeling so proud of myself today that i dont ever want to go back now and today im actually wondering what the next stage is ill go through... BRING IT ON lol...

im actually liking the fact that im eating what i want and now i have something to blame it on with out admitting that im just greedy ha ha :D

hope day 21 is good for the both of us x x



I'm actually eating some cheese and onion crisps as we speak!

I hope the next stage is better - I'd have thought that my brain would've started to sort itself out by now, but no, it's having none of it, niggling away like a small child tugging at my sleeve. Humph, I'll show it who's the grown up here!

As you say, bring on Day 21!!

TT xx


Hi Jewls and This Time :D :D

Almost 3 weeks now that's great well done It will get a little easier every day you will wake up one morning and suddenly realise Hey I feel really great and that beleive me makes it all worthwhile




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