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No Smoking Day
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resisting - day 18

Hi all

Today i've been at work all day so kept busy.

Dont know whats wrong tonight but I really want a cig :mad: My chap has gone outside for a cig and i've asked him to take his cigs with him cos i dont want to be staring at them. OHHH I've been feeling really good been handling the cravings really well but I just feel so tempted ahhhh.

I'll probably feel ok in the morning so i'm going to go on the playstation (never played it in my life until i stopped smoking hehe) to keep my fingers busy then I'm off to bed to forget about it. I will not give in, I made a promise to my nanna and I want to do this for her and my kids and me, lots of reasons.

Soooo tough,having a major craving but im going to ride too stubborn to give in. Give me strength!!:eek: I tell you i'm wringing my hands at the moment,they say they only last 5 mins i think im having a weeks worth of cravings at once:confused:

Tomorrows another day, need to get interested in something new I think , channel my energies into something different, something exciting to give me a new kick.

sorry if i've gone on a bit , just needed to get it off my chest:o

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Hi Angela,

No need to apologise at all. Those nasty cravings sneak up on you sometimes, don't they. But you're doing so well - keep strong. Get through tonight and tackle tomorrow when it gets here.

I find that some of the cravings are not so bad, then just to wake me up a bit I get a really strong one. Thank heavens I've got no cigarettes anywhere near me - it would only make it tougher. So with your OH smoking it shows how strong and committed you are. Keep it up you have done brilliantly to get to day 18.




Thanks for the encouragement. Its really shocked me how fierce this craving is. I havent really been experiencing many bad cravings at all, been on a bit of a high with the buzz of not smoking. I was feeling a bit low with it yesterday, this is where I could crack if I dont show some strength. It doesnt help there being reminders about cos of my OH smoking, even bought him some at the shop today because he forgot to get some:mad:

Just joined another site, the nicorette one. Been looking at some other links i've found on other posts aswell. Its just tough when you have it in your head, its tormenting! Ah well lets hope this is my down day and if i can get through this I will be chuffed, do not want to start all over again, no way!:eek:


Hi Angela :D

18 days quit great well done sorry you had a big crave last night and hope you feel great this morning

Sometimes the craves hit like that right out of the blue just hang in there




18 days ..... well at the time I'm replying to you it's actually 19..... :)

Each day at a time... it's the only way to do it .....

When I first started off as a lorry driver ... I used to worry about what was going to happen next ..... i.e. I turn up to deliver something and it's going to be a really difficult reverse or something..... I would get myself into a state before getting there.....

A friend of mine said don't worry about it till you get there, its still another couple of hundred miles away..... just get on with what you are doing now.....

It was one of the best bits of advice he gave me, and I work that way now

So ... take each step as it comes don't worry about the next one....

Have a great day and we'll hear from you on day 20:)


Hi All

Thanks for your support and words of wisdom, much needed!:)

I managed to get through the night and the other side of my craving without having a smoke! So its now day 19, feels good to say that.

In the first week I took things 5 minutes at a time to get through this and tried to keep busy. Just had to apply that last night to get through the craving and I feel a lot better this morning.

Going to get out in the sun and have a walk in the park, have a game of footy with my 5 year old whilst chasing after my 18 month old who insists on running in opposite direction! So I need all my breath for that:D

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend


day 18/19

Hi, these were the wrose days i had endured and now im on day 25 and the feelings are simmering down a bit now but by no means gone. I think of each feeling i get as another bit of money saved, another bit of time on my life and another feeling of my being in control rather than being controlled bu the evil weed. Don't get me wrong i have thought damn all this positive strong feeling stuff i NEED to have a fag and so be it bit i quickly divert my attentions to the positive side again. I can't believe i am this far into this and you must give urself a huge pat on the back for getting this far. this site is fantastic as it is people in it together and many many who really know how we feel and they do not forget that...Keep your strong side above the weak smoker side and good luck x


I think of each feeling i get as another bit of money saved,

I love this bit !!!!

I no longer have to think ... better not spend money on that ... because I'll need to buy cig's .....

I just buy what it is I want now GR8 !!!

I took my wife and son out for dinner last night ... the total cost was just slightly more than what I used to spend on cigarettes in a week when I was a smoker.


Hi angela, congratulations on getting through a tough nite on day 18, but wow you done it day19 and you beat it!

Hope you enjoyed your day in the park with the little ones, i too been out with my little ones today took them to the park and they had their bikes, had to run all over to keep up with them!:eek:

Well thats another day done and dusted and tommorrow we on day 20!:D

congratulations again!



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