Day 8 :)


I made it to day 8... Havent felt to bad though my brother came round yesterday he had a cig out back and the smell afterwards just turned my stomach.....

But remembering not to be off my guard as threw past experience know how easy it is to slip....

Guna nail nico once an for all. Keep it up all you quitters we can do this.

Thanks for all the encouragement i,ve received here especially marg... If it was,nt for the forum i,d of probly caved by now but if i get the urge i just come on here and read threw the post

Keep :) mandy xx

5 Replies

  • Good work!!

    Its dreadful to think that we all smelled that bad!

    You are doing fab, keep it up.


  • Good for you lil bear. You sound like your head is in the right place! xx

  • Hello Mandy ,

    You are doing really well, Congratulations.:D


  • Well done Mandy on reaching day 8.:D

    I can now smell a smoker from a 100 yards away and it stinks, :eek:

    Loving your positive attitude, keep it up ;)



  • Hi Marg :D

    8 days quit that's great well done hope you're proud of yourself give yourself a big pat on the back, careful now I didn't mean knock yourself over HA HA

    It will start to get easier for you now so just hang in there



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