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Problems: Low blood pressure / Atenalol

Hi, have been for a post op check today & have got a low BP problem. I've been told that it's partly caused by beta blockers (atenalol 25 mg) that I have to take for arythmia, & made worse by stopping smoking!

(Can't bloody win!)

I feel terrible when I get up in the morning or after I've rested. While I'm working (I'm a timber cutter) swinging a chainsaw around or stacking timber I feel Fine! I'm smack in the middle of height / weight ratio & have no other health problems.

Got to see my GP to get it sorted as my bp has always been normal.

Any one else had problems with this??

If not I'm gonna buy some baccy tomorrow! :(

Ps. Not using any NRT.

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Hi ytene, have been wondering how you doing, I would wait to see your gp, he/she will know you better and your history than the post op team, sorry you not been feeling too good but dont give in and buy smokes now! You got to keep going so i got someone on here with quit date the same! There may be an explanation for your blood pressure and maybe they might need to change your dose of medication to help.

anyway i havent a clue really got no medical knowledge whatsoever!

You missed loads of fun on here, all us march quitters are trying to get a group together and come up with a great name, someone new suggested the same name as the feb quitters which didnt go down well, we need a unique name for us march lot, any ideas!

Hope you sort your bp out and look after yourself, keep posting



hi ytene...not sure of your story as not been on forum much recently but... do know quite common for BP to drop after operation - but don't know how long ago yours was...and certainly stopping smoking will cause BP to drop...

mine is naturally low and after I quit I felt decidedly unwell for quite some time - sure it was the low BP - til the body sorted itself all out..

please please try not to buy the cigs - until you've seen your gp at least...it will get betta...

best of luck with everything...whatever you decide to do...and get well soooon



Hi Alan :D

Please go and see you GP about this as yes blood pressure does drop when you quit am sorry you feel bad at times

I think maybe that since you're now a Non Smoker your Beta-blockers may well need to be on a lower dosage as now you've quit you have much more oxygen in your blood anyway but I repeat go and see your GP and on no account attempt to lower it without his sayso and please do not buy Bacca this would solve nothing and if the beta-blockers do need lowering that will be yet another bonus to your quit




Hi Alan

I found out I have angina last year and take one beta-blocker a day not sure if my blood pressure is any change. i would have a chat to your GP mybe you dont need to take them now you have quit witch can only be a good thing.xxxxx


Hiya Ytene

I suffer(?) from high blood pressure (Hypertension) and take Atenolol (100mg) daily to control it. I don't know yet whether stopping smoking has lowered it further or not, I'll find out in May when I have my six monthly mot, just trust your Gp to sort it out for you. David


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