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Week 18 STARTS

Hi Everyone :D

18 weeks/126 days starts

Spent some time in the garden weeding on Sat only 20 mins and was knackered but being as last year couldn't do anything I am feeling really good about that 20mins another milestone

I have not smoked 3.158 fags

Saved £865.46

Live is good for me at the moment :D



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Congratulations, week 18, that must feel fantastic and i cant wait till im that far as a non smoker.

You must receive great pleasure from helping all us newbies on here and giving us great advice and support you are an inspiration.

thank you for all your help your a star! and a great big congratulations to you!!!!



Hi Tracy :D

Thanks Tracy and yes it does feel fantastic wonderful in fact

Keep going you will get there you're doing really well

I do get a lot of pleasure trying to help you all as I was helped when I arrived on here full of self doubt and if my being here can help you others I am happy




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