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Day 13 - nearly done the two weeks!

Hi everyone, its day 13 today and i feel very proud to have got through another weekend.

Im still using patches and lozengers but only put patch on at 11am and take it off by 8 at night and lozengers when i really struggle, it is definately mind over matter and the more i read the more positive i feel (although at times i have to force myself to think positive) .

It is so true that the sub concious mind tries to trick you into what it has always done by triggering thoughts of just one, or maybe it is not the right time but i am keeping myself focused that this is just a trick to get me back smoking and I am not going to fall for it again!!

thanks for all help from here,

taking it one day at a time,


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Well done you, a fortnight tomorrow!

Staying stopped is much more about having the right attitude and not wanting to smoke than anything else, so once you get your mind straight the rest will follow.

Quitting is not a sacrifice, you are gaining your freedom!




Hi Tracy :D

Day 13 is great and you have every right to feel proud of yourself and you are right to think the thoughts of just one are triggers caused by those sneaky little sods the Nico :eek: Demons but continue to starve them there can only be one winner in this war YOU




Well done Tracy! You are so right, the number of tricks the nico-demon will do to try to get you smoking is incredible. Those thoughts of - 'just one every now and then won't hurt' and 'I'll perhaps try quitting again next month' - they go through everyone's head when they are quitting!

Those people who stay quit are those who can tell those nico-demons to pi$$ off and leave you alone.

Keep believing in yourself, it is what will get you through!


Well done I am day 13 too, I am not using NRT (tried that it didnt work for me sadly), I am using champix so all the nicotine is now out of my system. Maybe that is part of the problem with NRT you would think that although you are not physically smoking your are still using nicotine so the cravings may not ever end, maybe now you have done 13 days it might be the time to go cold turkey!! I have read that all nicotine is out of your system in 72 hours so in 3 days you could be well on your way to kicking this...


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