No Smoking Day
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Doing fine since March 09! Join me!

Any recent quitters or anyone ready to stop.

I am stopping tomorrow. will update this eveyday and would love for people to join me.



15 year smoker.

30 a day.

Best effort - 8 months

Why: I know from previous experience it increased my energy level, I was far more proactive, felt fantastic waking up and a sense of a really empowering victory!

Anybody out there??

tell me your story - how you coping is this forum helpful.

I have just joined.



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Hey A,

I'll join if that's ok!

Philip Ross

Quit: 5 March 09

Smoked for: 8 years

Age: 22

Reason, Money, Family, Health


let me in please

hi i will join you

Name :jason

Age :36

Quit :18th march 2009

Reason : health

Method :Champix and Willpower

Smoked since i was 11 years old 30+ roll ups every day on my 5th day and loving it ,but finding it hard now and again



roll ups

hi sallymonstar

ive smoked roll ups for about 7 years and 19 years on fags so a long time,

well ive tried the patches and other stuff before and with the patched i lasted about 5 hrs thats all ive been trying for about 3 years to give up and this time iam going to do it ,i realy did not want to go on champix but there was nothing else available that would help

iam on my 5th day today and doing well iam very pleased with myself upto now , still get the cravings i think but not too sure as i think these tablets champix make you a bit spaced out so i think iam having a easy time with it i hope ,

i hope that makes sence as it does make you a bit strange



Just a quick hello and well done to you guys! I would just say, use the forum as a way to work through the craves, read all of the links some of the guys provide and stay positive. You are choosing not to smoke. x


Hi there,

Just want to say well done to you all.

good luck to the "Doing Fine In March 09" team. ;)

One month quit for myself today and I can tell you it gets alot easier. Feeling great and have more energy. :D




Hi SallyM,

Feeling spaced out is quite normal. It is more oxygen getting to your brain. I still get a few head staggers but they soon go.

Taking it hour by hour is a good idea. I even took it minute by minute, whatever gets you through the day.

You are doing brilliant:D

Keep it up!!!;)




I want to join


Age 38

Approx 20 a day

Quit 18 March 09

Reasons Health, Wealth and because hate being controlled by the weed

Method Patches

Hy been smoking for approximately 22years and told myself enough is enough! Tried several times to quit in fact to many times but with a bit of positive thinking and support i know i can crack this monster :mad:


All the best to all of you in "Doing Fine In March 09", can't see how you can get a team as good as ours though lol. It will be worth it in the end, you see. David


ohhhh, i wanna join....

I've been off the forum for a couple of weeks but the long and short of it is that I stopped on 14th of Feb, lasted about 3 weeks then had a bit of a slip the weekend of the 7th and quit again on the 10th...

well here I am about to start on week 3 tomorrow or wed, not sure which it is!

sooo, here's the stats..


Age: 27 (for the next 2 weeks anyway!)

First smoke: 15 ish

20/day since: 19 ish

Reasons for quitting: very worried that I will have a heart problem if I continue (chest pains at 27 is not a good sign!)

Method: CT as always... :)


Aye, me too!

On Day 3, can I join??!

Was also a rollie smoker - oh I'll miss the ritual of rolling if I'm totally honest!

I've managed to think about nothing else but smoking today (how did I get through 8 hours at work??)....but am also laughing at how ridiculous it all is. My brain is havng a constant argument with itself (oh, you'll never really be happy without cigs, may as well just buy some. Ah but I know I won't be craving for long and it'll get better. But you'll never really be free of them, you'll always be wanting something. No I bloody won't!!). Think I'll just ignore it for now.

Here are my stats:



Smoked since I was 14/15ish

About 12 - 20 rollies a day

Method: Cold Turkey and lotsa lotsa reading/education!

Reasons: so many! But ultimately I just want to be free.

Felt utterly spaced out on the first day, so you're not alone. I kinda liked it...;)

Time just passes sooooo slowly though. It's quite bizarre.

God, I've just realised after looking at my stats that I've been smoking longer than I haven't. My poor wee lungs, it's about time I started looking after them.


could i join this group please????

Hi, my quit day was 11th march, so am on my 13th smokefree day! wow that sounds good!

Have tried few tims before, this time patches and lozengers and of course this forum.

Not sure if i have to do anything else to become a member? perhaps its withdrawal making me a bit dumb, or maybe not!


Hey can I join you?


Hi Jim

Glad I'm not the only one had doubts about him



Jim and Marg

Me too Im afraid



Also me. Though I did try to be polite!


Evening chaps.. I'd like to hold out a slight hope that our good friend Ands is just possibly a slightly over enthusiastic member that might have got off on the wrong foot.. but I have to admit I'm not so sure....

Anyway.. it seems we still have a good amount of people here wanting to start March group.. so I guess that means we could do with some suggestions for names..

I'd personally go for "Imelda Odalys ye ole marchie quitters"...but then I've never been very good at these things..!


i would like to be in a march group but Im rubbish at names, maybe something to do with spring? hmmm maybe not!! 'Tis very strange theyve not been back on



Hi Guys

Corny I know but how about

Mad March Hares




"Polite" is for losers.

Get back in that corner... ;)

I thought thats where you liked to stand, acting as a coat stand, to hold all those coats for those ladies you purchased off the internet.


Mad March Hares

I like that name marg!! I was defo mad last week :p


Hmmm, my brain is so fuddled right now with all this new oxygen that I'm not sure it'll work too well re. names.

Mad March Hares springs to mind for obvious reasons....does sitting at the kitchen table staring at your foot for 20 minutes count...? My foot honestly isn't that interesting...


Haha! Spooky Marg...think I was typing Mad March Hares just as you posted that. :D


Hi Sam :D

Wasn't getting at you honest injun it was just that you said maybe something to do with spring and it popped into my head and really nothing to do with me anyway but glad you liked it




march quitters team name!

Hi all what about team name "daft as daffodils" :D or maybe "MARCHing onwards and upwards":rolleyes: or even "the mad march hatters":rolleyes: i think we should get some ideas together and maybe we might come up with something that fits, any ideas!

we should find a name that is differant to the february quitters, we are unique! (only joking):eek:



"Polite" is for losers.

Hi Mikeduk - have you gone and come back? - seem to remember your name, from a while back

aye, I've been on and off here for very nearly a year now since my first real quit attempt march last year, oh happy days...I dont tend to get chance to get to the PC as much as I'd like though

anyway, regarding the name, I cant manage much more than random gibberish at the moment due to my semi inebriated state.. something springy as moog suggested or marg's hares sound good to me!


Haha! Spooky Marg...think I was typing Mad March Hares just as you posted that. :D

Hi Scaredycat :D

Definitely spooky that still they do say great minds think alike HA HA




Hi Scaredycat :D

great minds think alike

Wouldn't think of saying or "Fools seldom differ"


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