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im back

hi all im back :D

my PC was down ,got it repaird,so i am back on track

130 days smoke free

not smoked 3916 fags

money saved £940.6

life saved 1 week 14 hours

so how are you all doing hope you are all keeping the faith ,congrats to you marg on your 4 months..just off for a meal for mothers day with my family,,its nice to be back ,i was getting withdraw syptoms not being on the fourm..will speak to you all soon,,.so you all just keep the faith tony

and most of all keep:D:D:D

ps all you mothers out there,,you all have a great mothers day

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Hi Tony :D

Sorry about your PC but glad to have you back as you were missed

Well done on 130 days and almost a £1.000 saved that's great

Had a big basket of fruit for mothers day so won't have to buy any this week

Am keeping the faith and smiling




Hi Tony - glad you're back with us!

Thought you were too busy fishing to get online, I still haven't been and it'll be closed season in many spots now! Never mind - I'll look forward to those summer days on the bank.

Hope you've had a nice meal, I've got my mum coming over in a bit so I better go and put the meat in!


Hi Tony

Was thinking I had not seen you. Well done on your 130 days.xxxxxxxx


Welcome back, Tony..... I missed seeing you on here.... and all them :D:D:D Well done.... 130 days!!!


Hi, Tony, was missing you. Glad you had a good time.


Hi Tony, was wondering where u got to. I'm doin fine - smoke free since 5th March and going from strength to strength.

i'm certainly keeping the faith :)



Glad to see you about, safe and sound, didn't think for a moment you would have been tempted back to the evil weed.


thank you all for that,,had a very busy week end,,we had my grandaughters 21 first birthday on saturday,went for a nice meal in cannack,,then mothers day on sunday,,nice meal few pints of the black stuff,as you do :) ,then went fishing today,,must have been mad...rain ,,wind,,you name it i got it,,but still nice to get out on the bank

BB did not go to dublin it was so exspensive,,would not pay what they asked :eek:

jerry lee ,you just remember smoking and fishing do not i repete,,do not go togeter,,so get off your but and do some fishing :D,its not as bad as you think,,

marg...hope you enjoyed your basket of fruit..look after your mom she is your bestest friend,,

linda thank you for your wellcome back post

allso to philip ross,,jody49,,,bellablue,,and of couse to you nic

hopeing you all are still keeping the faith tony..and keep :D:


ops for got to say hi to stu,,sorry:)



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