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help needed at 16 weeks

hi all. feeling really down today. I dont know if i can do this anymore. All i think about is smoking. For the past week or so all i can think about is having a fag. But why??? Iam at 16 weeks so surely this should be getting better. All i want is to be happy and not think about having a fag. I look at smokers at the mo and envy them. How sad is that when i know if i have a fag i will hate myself and it will taste awful but my head is still saying go on have just one. sorry to be ranting!!!!!!!! Help Please

On the plus side its mothers day and ive had sum lovely flowers and chocs from my youngest daughter also toast and coffee in bed. Janet xxxxxx

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Hey Janet. I cant really give any advice but just to let you know that you're not alone. I'm going through pretty much the same thing as you and have also just completed my 3rd month. I know what you mean about the envy too. I was watching a war documentary yesterday about world war 1. They were in the trenches and were having a horrible time of course, but when I saw a clip of one of them with a cigarette I thought "Lucky sod, he's got a fag !" :eek:

Goes to show how strong this brainwashing thing is, when all logic goes out of the window like that.

All I can say is hang in there and dont give in. In the grand scheme of things a few months of craving and feeling unhappy is better than a lifetime of being a nicotine slave !!!! By this time next year I think we will both be looking at things very differently...and as we all know, time goes by very quickly !!!


Thanks James. Its nice to know iam not on my own. Well done to you for getting to 3 months that is great. Janet xxx


Hi Janet & James :D

So sorry you are feeling down at the moment but 16 weeks is great well done

Also you James at 3 months + are doing great

I don't think this is you two at all I think this is those sneaky little B.........d Nico :eek: Demons up to their tricks again getting desperate If you just continue to refuse to feed them they will go away

I had a moment like that yesterday in the garden somewhere I always had one whilst working and that acted as a trigger it wasn't a bad one but suprised me anyway




i quit 8th feb and i also get them feelings had 3 dreams about me smokinsince i quit


I know exactly how you feel -my 1st post on here was on week 12 with the same problem-i was thinking about bloody smoking constantly, it is a very slow process but at 6 months i'm not thinking about smoking half as much-and now i look at smokers and truely pity them.

You need to retrain your way of thinking, as soon as a negative thought and a desire to smoke comes into your head you need to fight it and do some-thing-the thing is your craves have now turned to desire, as you have forgotten how bad you felt as a smoker!!!

remember-when you are looking at smokers wishing you could just have one-they are looking at you as a non-smoker wishing they were you!!!!!


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