No Smoking Day

Day 2!!

34 hours in cig yet! :)

I wondered if I'd feel different this morning, but to be honest nothing too drastic. I'm getting a tad concerned now, because I reckon it'll all hit me when I'm least prepared!

Like some other's on the site I have my safety blanket. Total 'denial' won't work for me. It had to be a conscious choice not to smoke as opposed to having the choice removed - dunno if that makes any sense...

I usually have a coupla cigs (roll-ups) on my drive into work in the morning, but like yesterday I just stuck some chewing gum in my mouth instead. I did this last night, on my way home from work and on my way out in the evening - it seems to help, just 'doing' something else. Thankfully I had a busy evening so I didnt have the opportunity to really 'miss' having a cig...However, not such a busy evening planned tonight, so this could be the test. Also, I am getting a bit fed-up with chewing gum! ;)

Unfortunately the busy evening equated into a lateish night, and I'd meant to wash my hair (but was too tired/lazy, couldn't be arsed!). I wish I had, because when I got in the shower this morning I could smell the remnants of my last day of smoking in my hair - ewww!!! :eek:

Another thing, I have a bit of a penchant for pineapple...for the first time yesterday evening I could actually smell the sweet, pineapple scent from the empty fruit carton I'd yet to pop in the bin.

Last thing - sorry going for a bit of a War & Peace here - sleeping. I was relieved to find I slept ok, eventually...After reading some posts about disturbed sleep I was really worried - I have gone CT as opposed to fessing up to the docs or anything and consequently don't have any 'quitting' aids - I found it really difficult to actually fall asleep...I seemed to lay awake for ages (then started thinking, if I fall asleep now I'll have 5 hours before I have to get up, then 4.5, then 4, etc...) Before I 'quit' I would've gotten up and had a cig, but last night I thankfully must've drifted off before that thought fully manifested...

Anyway, thanks for all the support yesterday and sorry for the lengthy post - may I be excused and have it chalked up to a side-effect of my withdrawal? :)

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Hi Starless and welcome to the forum.

Reading through your post it seems your experience is pretty much par for the course - urges and sleep patterns do get disrupted at first. Rest assured that the sleeping patterns will revert back to norm.

Stick with it and soon, as you going CT, the nicotine will be out of your system.



Hi Cav,

Thanks for your message :)


Hi Starless :D

You're doing great well done you




Thanks Marg :)


Hi there,

Nobody seems to get all the symptoms associated with quitting and although bad sleep is common, I did in the past but this quit was fine, so obviously there are several factors at work.

The improvement in sense of smell and taste is great and quite disturbing to think we didn't realise how bad it was before.

Personally I am not a fan of the safety blanket approach, but it seems to work for some people. However, I think that it is best kept for the early point of a quit and a symbolic ditching at 1 month is a good idea. By that time you will know how really achievable this goal of being a non smoker really is, JMHO.

All the best



Hi Nic,

Thanks for the email. I think the 'safety' blanket, for me personally, is about my level of control over the situation. This 'quit' is being played by my rules. I have tobacco at home (and a coupla rolled cigs in my lil' tin, in my handbag) but I am making a conscious choice not to smoke them. I don't want to smoke them. However if they weren't there at all, I wonder if I'd want a cig, but because they're there, it's not as bad...

I dunno if I'm making any sense here, coz it's a really weird head-trip. But ultimately for me it is 'chosing' not to smoke...

God I talk complete sh*te sometimes :)


Starless, I know what you mean. I quit CT also. I didn't keep cigs with me or in the house, I knew I could go to the store about 2 blocks from the house and get some. I choose not to smoke and not to buy cigs, but know I can. That helped me. As far as sleeping and other side affects, I really had the barest minimum of any. Before quit, I had a hard time sleeping due to RLS, but since quitting, RLS only bothers me maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks, before it was every nite! I really think reading all the links and this forum has made my quit much easier to manage, so read, read, read!

Quit: Jan 18, 2009

Method: CT


Hi Starless,

Am on day 2 of quit myself, so I can empathise with everything you say. I have chosen to go cold turkey, and for me, part of the key was the fact that it was my choice - part of the taking control thing. Also, I wanted the nicoteine out of my system sooner rather than later.

Sleep has been a bit disturbed - it was tough nodding off the first night. But I am looking forward to that, and so many other things, improving.

Keep going. Keep strong.



Hey Starless/Deke

On Day 2 of CT as well - feeling v light-headed and a bit spaced out but am trying to keep busy.

I slept okay last night but I know from previous quit attempts that insomnia can strike. Have got plenty of lavender oil in just in case. I find reading much better than watching telly if I'm having problems sleeping. I guess like any symptoms, I just have to accept them and acknowledge they will pass. All part of the healing process.

Morning is hardest for me, without a doubt. I lay in bed for ages this morning, not quite sure what to do with myself. Deep breaths, positive affirmations and then a cycle. Now cleaning the kitchen quitters must have very clean houses!

Hope everyone has a good day!


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