No Smoking Day

what a great day!!!!

hi, all

just had to post that I have had a fab day today, been out with friends, went to pizza hut and had some fab pasta, got in about half seven and realised that i hadnt even thought about a ciggie for hours - how good is that, especially after the horrid day yesterday - i'm feeling great and so glad i didnt crack yesterday - i'm sure i'll prob have more yukky days, but if the good ones are like today then they make up for it.

day 12 tomorrow - cant believe how quick it has gone, 3 more days and i will have passed my record ( 15 days is the longest i have ever gone without fags) and I KNOW I WILL DO IT !!!!

love to all x

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Hi Debs :D

So pleased you had a good day and the good days more than make up for the bad and you will soon finr you have far more good than bad




thanks a bunch bb and marg

woke up this morning an i was singing a song, oooh ee chirpy chirpy cheep cheep ..........told ya i was a mad old bird lol (also showing my bl**dy age)

love x


Hi Debs :D:D

As long as you're happy and cheerful who cares what you sing and although a bit old [like me] it's very catchy and cheerful




Good going, Debs.... yeah... maybe a few tough days here and there..... nothing you won't be able to handle after how long you have been going. Really, great job....... keep the positive attitude and you will be just fine (nicodemon hates the 'happies') Keep it up, girl! Keep :D:D


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