No Smoking Day

Mooging into Day 8

arrrgggggh! Just wrote a post and my laptop crashed!

anyway heres goes again

Sam 2 - Nic demon 0

thrashed the nic demon last night and feel proud about that but Im in a bad mood today. just had my first gum as I was so snappy and horrible. i really want a cigarette and just have to get in the right mindset, which I have been and Im getting a process in place to follow when I feel like this. write, read, read more and post on here.

my bro has just truned up with a fag and it stinks, its put me off actually

thanks everyone for your posts last night and will be back later xxx

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Hi Sam :D

Oh Dear isn't it a pain when they crash not that mines a laptop but every so often mine freezes and control, alt,delete doesn't always work then I swear like a navvy and alright I know it doesn't help but it makes me feel better I just pull the plug from wall but it's a real pain as lose whatever I was working on

Looks like a football score Sam 2 Demons 0 I like it well done you and so you should feel proud you are doing so well

Hope Bro is smoking that stinky thing outside also good that it has put you off

Talk to you later although may not be today as going to my Daughters for a take away and then babysitting so they can have an evening out together But I will be back tomorrow sometime

Hey Sam just had a thought maybe if you swear like a navvy at them demons it would frighten them away, might be worth a try anyway, think I will if I get another crave




Hi Moog, you are doing great. I have a snap,rant every morning but the thing ive noticed is that it seems a little less every morning that goes by.


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