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No Smoking Day
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First thing in the morning - help!

Nearly done 8 days and am determined to continue - but it was bad this morning......first thing in the morning is the worst time for me, I lay in bed thinking I dont want to get up because I cant have a fag - how sad is that....no work today, so at a bit of a loose end.....so I kicked myself up the bum, and have been for a long walk along the beach (I know I am so lucky, the beach is 2 minutes from my house) and watched the ships going in and out of the port, breathed in the fresh air, went for a cuppa with 2 friends, both of whom smoke and it didnt bother me!!!!! I am going to a concert tonight and it will be great to not have to rush a last fag down and race out in the interval just to keep the monster at bay.

Good luck to everyone - and thanks for the support

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Hi Debs

8 days is great and you are past that first hard week well done

I envy you that beach my son lives by the sea as well I used to before moving to Cheltenham and miss it even after 8 years am glad your freinds smoking doesn't bother you, enjoy the concert tonight

I also missed that first thing fag most but I promise you this will pass very soon as do the craves

Best Wishes



day 8

50 a day !!! Wow you are doing excellent reaching this far, especially having sooo many a day, you deserve a huge huge hug deb !!!

You will enjoy the concert without, as you say, rushing that last fag before you go in and also not desperate to get bk out the door for one too.

Fresh air is a huge must for us people, replacing the rubbish we've been inhaling is so beneficial..

Well done to you and keep going strong, you're doing brilliant xxx


you are the olympic smoking champion at 50 a day! Well done for quitting! I class myself as a true addict. When I was a smoker all I wanted to do in the morning was smoke. I needed a good five or 6 in a couple of hours to feel comfortable going about my business. It was the first thing i'd think of on waking. If my son woke early then i'd be smoking earlier and more too. I was terrified of how I would cope with quitting the early morning ones. And yes, to be fair, I would wake up thinking I would get up and smoke and then struggle with the crave when I realised I couldn't! It goes away! I promise. Keep in mind you are a non smoker and choose not to continue that filthy habit. I actually now get a lie in and my husband gets up with my little one which never used to happen as I would be too needful of my hit of nicotine. xx


Thanks for the replies, it helps soooo much to know that what I am experiencing first thing in the morning is pretty usual - still as you say after 50 a day (quite awful when you actually thin about it!) its bound to take time - but I will do it this time, as I am sure we all will - power of positive thinking etc.... looking forward to the concert - going to see the 'Illegal Eagles' - so wanted to see the real ones when they performed at O2 last year, but unfortunately had just had an op on my foot and was in a wheelchiar for 6 weeks - so although the ones tonight are not the real mccoy, they are meant to be very good, and at least they will play the fab fab music

love to you all, loads of thanks and keep going - together we can do it x x x


Hi debs by the sounds of it you and doing wonderful great to see you on here, everyone is really helpful dont think I could have coped aswell if it wasnt for this forum.

Hope you enjoyed yourself tonight big hugs X


For that 1st thing in the morning feeling I just give my wife a cuddle . Sneak into the kids rooms and stare at my beautiful wee girls for a few moments. By the time Ive done that the feeling of wanting to smoke is replaced with one of happiness and its the start of another smoke free day. :)


Hi Richara :D

What a great way to start the day much better than with a fag well done




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