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Help me!

Hi everyone, day 4 today and having a few problems...

Woke up at 6.10 this mornign as wife was off out for the day and i am looking after our 6 month old son for the day. (this should in itself keep me off the fags)

on top of that i have also got my mother in laws two old dogs to contend with, and its only 8.00am and i've been up two hours.

Dont know how i am going to last...already thinking of getting a ten pack....arrrggghh i dont want to and i really wont but i'm struggling. need to try and chill out.

now baby is crying and i need to go and feed him...

i am feeling really good in myself after 3 days off the fags and really wont ruin that by starting just helps me to come on here and write it all down

ahhh i actually feel better already...good job these cravings actually go away after a few minutes.

all the best day 4 ers! :)

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Hi Stevie :D

Good morning On day 4 already more than 1/2 way through the 1st week and I promise you it will get better and easier you are doing great well done

Don't even go down that road of buying 10 of those white tubes you would be do angry with yourself if you did sorry you are struggling a bit but you have your young son and two dogs to keep you occupied by the time you've fed the baby and changed him any craving will be long gone as you say they only last a few mins at most just hang in there you know you can do it you already have and are now a NON SMOKER glad you feel good after 3 days and it can only get better when and if a crave hits do something, and if it helps to come here and write it down then do that there is always someone around and you know we will all support you Oh and don't forget to feed the dogs as well as the baby and maybe take them all for a walk that will help as well




You did exactly the right thing posting on here! Sometimes I found just typing it OUT LOUD made me realise i really didn't want to do that! You will be fine today, but beware, the little demon will try and use all kinds of old dog and stress poo baby issues to trick you into thinking the little white stick will make it better. It won't. Have a good day, you are doing brilliant!


Hi Stevie - how's it going with your little one?!

I had to look after my sister's 6 month old little boy the other evening - it was only for about 4 or 5 hours so I know how exhausting it is! BUT having him on my knee just confirmed for me more that I will NEVER smoke again. I SO want to see my little nephew grow up - I want to be there at his 18th birthday, at his wedding and when he has his own family. I want to be there for him if he ever needs anyone.

I would MUCH rather choose to see all those things than choose to go out and buy a pack of ciggies.

I'm sure you feel the same really - it is just those evil nico-demons who would try to persuade you otherwise.

Stay strong Stevie - stick with it, you'll get there.

Nicki x


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