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day 3 happy or sad? not sure!

Hi everyone, its day 3 today and would first like to say well done to all others on here for getting this far!

Im not too sure how i feel today, I feel better than yesterday and at times im rearly positive but then out of nowhere i get this stomach churning sensation like when something bad is gonna happen and i feel sort of lost like somethings missing, when i am able to focus on something and once ive finished it suddenly hits me i want a cig! my mind doesnt seen to be able to focus on anything even the most basic of tasks, and rearly tired like my brain is sooooo tired of thinking and trying to stay positive, is this normal or am i on my way to the funny farm?

my life used to be quite fast moving i would have a cig at the end of everything i did, eg ironing - cig, cook tea - cig, wash pots - cig, so now whenever i finish one thing im thinking cig!

I do feel easier but dont feel calm at all, like being on edge all the time what is up with me?

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Hi Tracy,

Well done for getting this far .... it's not easy is it? Be proud of yourself!

I had all these routines too ... get off the bus and have a cig walking home. Have a cig while dinner is on. Have a cig after dinner. Have a cig before the film starts at 9. Have a cig before bed .....

My partner still does all this and I just need to think 'above it'. I'm not a sanctimonious ex-smoker but I do think of smoking now as a weakness, a weakness I don't have. I don't feel superior to smokers .... I just don't have that particular weakness.

You are actually quite powerful Tracy because you are choosing to fight and ultimately beat an addiction. Once you've done that you deserve to have an air of smug content about you.



Tracey, When you get these thoughts after doing something that you used to smoke after, just say to yourself(or out loud) I choose health, I choose wealth, I choose freedom, I choose not to smoke. Buy the time you finish with those 3 sentences, the thought should have disappeared. If not, say it again till it does. Usually it will go away after the first time. These thoughts are really only about 1 minute(at least that's what I always tell myself and that seems to work. It's a mind game. Your unconscious mind versus your conscious mind.) Keep up the good work. :) It only gets better.

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Hi Tracy :D

Day 3 already that's great almost 1/2 a week gone and that will be the worst over I Promise you it will start to get better very soon what you are describing is normal in the very early stages of your quit so no you are not on your way to the funny farm but rather on your way to reclaiming your life and your health but your body has to adjust to you not putting all that crap into it every day You are doing really well and should be proud of yourself keep busy and remember you are losing nothing at all and gaining a lot

When I first quit and felt as you do now I used to say quite often out loud NO PAIN NO GAIN and it worked or the one Jody uses is a good one or maybe you can find another one to suit you above all stay strong Just hang in there we are all here for you




Thank you everyone for your support, i would not have got through the last 3 days without the help from here, i have done 3 days smoke free and dont quite know how, but i am feeling very proud of myself, although at times i think i can offer some advice to others having a weak moment but when its my turn for the weakness i dont take my own advice, but this forum has been brill and i would like to say that we can all do it and get by with a little help from our friends!

good night and will post tomorrow - day 4!


tracey you are doing really well-i know you are thinking of fags all the time-however you are bound to be-it is something you have done 10, 20 times a day-so you will obviously miss it, but the longer you chose not to smoke that habit will be broken and it will get easier-keep yourself busy keep focused and remind yourself of the benefits of not smoking xxx;)


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