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Day 11

Feeling a little numb today, dont seem to have a lot of get up and go. Sorted Mum out got back home and did usual chores going to jump in the shower in a min see if it helps lol.

Then off to the drs to pick up some stuff for Mum back to her house then off to do our shopping...... to be honest i just feel like going back to bed you know I might just do that when I get back from shopping. (is that bad)?

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No its not bad. Do what you need to do! The second week I quit I had a cold and very bad chest. I spent a good few hours hiding in bed to pass the time I'd normally have spent smoking. The withdrawal can hit you in many ways but try and be positive. You have done brilliantly! xxxx


Hi Trendy :D :D

Day 11 well done hope you are proud of yourself I was

Going back to bed is not bad at all just do what is best for you and whatever will help there are no rules in this game it is a battle which we can all win it just takes a little longer to win the war but we will do that to




the day went ok, just felt a little off all day. Had to nip into town before I went to supermarket and every smoker seemed to be lighting up I couldnt walk more than a few steps without passing a smoker and i have to admit it was hard but managed ok. Mum was very weepy today so was trying to keep her spirits up. When I got home I did go and get into bed for half a hour though I couldnt sleep but it was nice and quiet and think that was what I needed.

Hope everyone else is ok X


Thank you for my replies X


Nothing wrong with that, just had a lie down for a few hours myself but couldn't sleep also. Glad you're feeling a bit better. I also seem to notice people smoking a lot more than i used to and although i may find myself staring at their cigarette i remind myself of why i stopped.

The smell of someones cigarette doesn't bother me as much as when i smelt it on myself. But what is strange is that my mum stopped smoking 10 months ago after smoking for around 40 years, she smoked 30-40 per day. But she began to find the smell disgusting long before she ever quit, which is strange. I hear that ex smokers are far more likely to complain at smelling smoke then people who have never smoked. But funnily enough i don't find the smell disgusting, i just don't want to smell of smoke myself :D

Anyway keep your spirits up, you're doing so well! :D


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