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Going back to day 1

hello all, almost 8 weeks past without a fag, and now im ashamed.

i want to appologise to every1 who supported me, it was great having all ur advice and understanding. but after the recent events some which i have documented on here, i gave into temptation and allowed the evil weed to take full advantage of me once again.

i feel so ashamed and dissapointed with myself, heres what experience i got anyway, just after i had the smoke i felt no different, what u may think is cravings is probably not, its just you thinking it is. well thats my personal oppinion.

i havent givin up hope yet though, if nothing else the 8 weeks helped me destroy a lot of triggers which is going to play a vital role in my immediate quit.

ok here it is, im sorry all monkey bar stewards it was so great being in ur group it really did help me a lot!, thankyou to everyone (especially u marg) who gave me support everyday of my quit, please all newbies dont make the same stupid mistake i did.

thankyou all, and sorry!!

Gareth xx

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What's done is done, no point dwelling on it.

Every failed attempt teaches us something that we can take forward to the next, hopefully permanent quit. In your case you know that it doesn't make you feel better, in fact its made you feel disappointed.

Pick yourself up and start again, but don't feel you need to apologise to any of us that have supported you, we will continue to do so, virtually all of us have had failed attempts in the past so we understand.

This time will be the time you know what went wrong and you know that smoking didn't help.

Best wishes, post often.



Hi Gareth

I am so sorry at this news but know you had a lot of problems and gave into temptation am sure you feel everything you say but heres a + for you

You learned a valuable lesson THAT SMOKING DIDN'T HELP as you say that 8 weeks got rid of a lot of triggers for you

You do not have to apologise to me for anything at all

I and I am sure everyone on here will continue to help and support you as you return to day one Good luck am sure with everything you learned you will succeed this time




I'm so sorry, but you have the benefit of experience now and you know what's coming, and that a fag doesn't change anything.

Don't beat yourself up, 8 weeks is still fantastic. I can't count the number of times i've thought of having just one, cos I can't remember what it was like, did I really like it, what did it feel like. I think we all experience that feeling, and coupled up with some extreme circumstances can push us over the edge.

I had a really bad day last Sunday, but it was only cos the children were around that I couldn't do anything about it, I'm sure that if they weren't, I would have beaten you back to day 1.

Cheer up and move on. Good to hear your still around. :)


Don't beat yourself up. Just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start again. Use what you've learned to keep on track this time. Keep posting so we know how you are doing. Keep reading and keep smiling. :)


How are you, Gareth???? Not sure if you started a new thread with updates..... We have all had the same thing happen to us, learned from it, and kept going..... Don't feel like you are at day one again.... you have 8 weeks.... so much time to break associations, learn a new routine, etc.... hope you are still going!!!


That's right, don't given into the disappointment, take it as a learning experience to strengthen your quit resolve - I have and feel stronger for it.

This is not to say I encourage slipping up but it is not advised if possible, but merely to learn from what those who have are saying, having one doesn't do anything, make anything any better, only worse, thus it's not worth doing.

All it does is make you realise even more the facvt that you don't want to be a dirty, smelly smoker who's controlled by a substance like any other common drug addict.


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