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Day 7!!!

Hello all!:D

well im on day 7 now and am pretty impressed with myself. This time last week I was smoking loads was very smelly!

Wednesday night was rather strange, I had awful nightmares and woke my boyfriend up saying Im going to punch you (i was asleep)!! wonder if I was talking to the nic demon in my dreams, lol!! yesterday was ok but being in a different place for work threw me a little, when I was coming out I got a flash through my mind of having a fag but then remembered that I dont smoke. the other time that really gets me is when im about 3/4 of the way through a meal but I know I can handle it and im getting used to not getting up straight after tea to have a fag at the back door.

anyway, day 7! ive got a really sore throat, is that the gum or is it just a sore throat? Im fed up of chewing gum now its not very nice!

have a great smoke free day today everyone and keep up the good work! xxx

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Hi there and well done!

The throat is a symptom of the quit, just nasty stuff leafing the system :eek: it will pass soon.

All the best



thanks Nic, it comes and goes really as does the headaches. but good to know its just part of the repair process.:D


HI Moor,

Well done on your 1st week smoke free.... Its great isn't it :D

I know what you mean about having dinner. It always pops into my head halfway through about not having a smoke after it, but that is all to do with re-educating my mind. I am not craving for a smoke its just in my head so I get up and do the dishes straight away.

I went through the nightmare stage aswell but haven't had any since I ditched the patches on day 9.

I think the sore throat is just from giving up smoking. Alot of people on here took a sore throat including myself.

All the very best to you and again WELL DONE!!!!




Hi Sam :D

Day 7 already great well done you a the first week over and it will start to get easier now

Nightmares, weird dreams sore throats and loads of other things are all part of your body healing but they all pass quickly most of us have had some things like this happen I had tingly fingers and feet and at times tingled all over Dr said it was because I'd quit and laughed but said he had also been there If you're fed up with the gum and it tastes nasty try cutting it down




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