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Day 6 tough


This morning was tough everything went wrong (no biggys) just seem twice as bad as it actually was. It was the first time I shed a tear and for about 30 mins had a real struggle not to run to the shop. Had family for Sunday dinner with the grandkids and all went well, it was nice to sit at the table after with them instead of going outside for a cig. Oh yeah and we were talking blood pressure and I though I havent done mine since I stopped and my pulse rate has dropped from 94 to 73 and my blood pressure is down a little too. So all in all not really a bad day.

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hi trendy

well done-your willpower is really kicking in-remember everytime you have a crave and don't have a fag you are retraining your brain, so eventually those craves will go-so well done xxxx:)

Hi Mel

Day 6 already you are doing great well done Sorrythis morning was a bit rough for you but sounds as though the rest of the day was fine and dandy I promise you it will get better very soon the first week is the worst and you are almost there just hang in there



Sorry to hear you had a tough day but glad your body is healing :) Nic demon is a major pain in the butt no doubt but you hung in there and showed him..... he gets really pissed off, too as his manufactures get really stinkin rich...... oh boy.... sorry for the ranting.... :D Great job kickin his butt!!!! :D Hang in there.... it'll get much easier very soon!!

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