No Smoking Day
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Day 5 !!

Not been too bad today but again it's all I think about !! From when i wake up i think ;ooh fag time' then i remember that they are in my past now. I fancy one at times but really am not craving. The lovely oils i burn are something i swear by, my sense of smell is returning.

Swimming and yoga have helped too and surprisingly although im the correct weight for my height i have LOST 4 pound--i am certainly not complaining about that !! Just want to get the horrible white stick image away from the forefront of my mind, why am i constantly thinking about them???

I hope everyone else is getting on well. I do feel if i can do this then ANYONE can!!!!!

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Well done Dee Dee, yes craving diminish in intensity to the point where they are a passing fancy!

Congrats on getting to day 5



Dee Dee

Your doing really well hun the thinking about fags was the worse thing for me to be honest. But it do lessen with time and changes to a diffrent kind of thinking. your doing fab for day five and losing weight cant be bad. You keep strong hun the first week is almost over and things will start to improve.xxxxx


Great job on 5 days, dee dee!! I know what you mean........ thinking of smokes all day about drove me CRAZY..... but at even only a couple a weeks ahead of you, the thoughts of smokes have changed.... less urgent, more distant..... we smoked for a long time and can't expect it all to just go away in a week.... as much as we may want that to happen. You've made it through the tough part and now you have to be strong and be willing to battle the nic demon and accept the thoughts and with time it will pass and not long and you will have days, weeks, months of not thinking about them AT ALL!!! Just that thought alone is worth it!!! :D:D Hang in there!!!!


Hi Dee Dee :D

day 5 that's great well done you're almost through the 1st week already and I promise you it will get easier as you go on keep busy and read as much as you can and before you know it you will be at the end of your 1st month Just hang in there you can do this and as you know we will all support you and help you




Day 6 !!

thanks to everyone for the lovely messages of support for yesterday (day 5). I am now almost on day 6 and still feel really great. I am using the gum which i feel is helping me and to be honest i actually am thinking of them less and less. Iv slept well for 2 nights now and i used to wake up every 2-3 hours for half a fag so its wonderful to sleep through thenight. no headaches now and although i still feel i have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth i can cope with that. can't believe im almost a week into being an ex smoker..its soooooooooooooo great to be free. Where are these mad climbing the walls cravings people warned me about??????? Are they to come or were these people waffling???? I feel so good and don't even want to put filthy dirty smoke into my lungs !!


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