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No Smoking Day
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Day 7- the day i met a walking cigarette!

Went to the supermarket earlier, and had my toddler in the trolley, when an oversized walking cigarette waddled over! It was a No Smoking day thing with ladies promoting the NHS quit programme and smoking support groups.. I was very pleased to tell her i had stopped almost a week ago!!!

She gave me some more leaflets, and some pens etc, and asked if I'd like to join the local smoking support group- i'd like to, but is it worth it now I'm heading for week 2?

What happens at these gatherings?

My poor toddler though.. the walking ciggy scared him a lot- i told him it was just pretend.. and he whispered all around the shop, ' I don't like the pretend'!


Feeling positive today- I looked at the ciggy counter and thought- what's the point, I've done almost a week without you all, so I don't need you!!

Bought lots of fruit( which is suddenly tasting just wonderful) instead :)

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Funny post.... made me smile :) Poor little one.... bet if freaked him out :D Having support around you is so important I realize with this (my last) quit.... so I think checking the local support group out is a great idea..... not like you HAVE to go... but if you needed extra support it would be right there for you..... I have never seen a walking cigarette...... I wonder if I would get cravings :D:D Great job on sounding positive.... keep it up and the next few weeks will fly by.....


Hi Minnie

I bet you felt really smug when you her you already quit I would have done

yes fruit does taste better but so does most food now

I don't know what goes on at these support groups either but i'll bet someone on here does




Well done Minnie

Day 7 way to go girl hope you feel well proud of yourself. Your doing really fab.xxxxxxxxxx


Well done to you hun, another day nearly over and you're still free from the killer weed. Try burning some oils they do help. I'm the most tempermental female going and I am best of not being spoken to at the moment, its almost like permanant PMT !!! Still im day 5 and look forward to reading how you have been as your a couple a days ahead of me.. well done again


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