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Day 6-I struggled but am almost in week 2 now- yey!!


I really struggled yesterday- the emotional part mean i woke up and instantly had a 'wobble' with the OH :(

Had a day where I felt unsupported and I find it's easier when it's just me & the toddler during the week, then i can deal with my mood swings/cravings by myself instead of having to explain myself to anyone!

At work last night I thought about the cigs i was selling- but didn't feel the need to buy any, and treated myself to a dvd instead( yeah, another one!)

I thought it got easier after the first few days, but I've found the complete opposite!

I went to the docs yesterday and got a prescription, so was able to get 4 weeks worth of varying strength patches for about £7 :)

I am VERY pleased today is the last day in my first week!!!!!!:D

How are other 'Day 7-er's' doing??

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hi hun

I find weekends the hardest funny Im not sure why.I also found day 9/10 really bad days but happy to say not had any has bad as them since. you will find as time gose on you will find a lot more good days than bad. You are doing fab hun. Counting in weeks now Congrats.xxxxx

hi minnie ,you have done the hardest part,getting past the 72 hours,,,what follows now is all psychologisal,,all in the mind,,just you remember minnie,,weather you smoke or not the crave will go,,so you just keep the faith tony and you keep:D:D:D

Hi Minnie :D

Day 6 is grest well done you I promise you will fimd it does get easier and the first week is certainly the worst I had a real bad day about day 10 but haven't had many really the good ones far outweigh the bad ones just hang in there you're doing great and really good that working with them you feel no desire to have one just keep buying the dvd's much healthier for you



Thanks all- good to know i'm normal!!

Feeling better today, and have earmarked next week's 'cig' money for a pamper treat and some aromatherapy oils now my sense of smell has improved :)

It's lovely to have some cash to spend on nice things!

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