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No Smoking Day
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Ebt girl and her struggle with nicotine

administration of a substance to an addict, no matter how long it's been since that addict used that substance, will cause reestablishment of the addict's dependence on that substance.

Be it one hour, one day, one week, one month or in my case even after 14 years !!!!

Im still struggling and yes im sharing it with you because this site is about the battle we all have had and are having with this blessed addiction !!!

I havnt failed as you all so kindly keep telling me, because i havnt given up. One day soon i will be writing on here EBT Girl didnt smoke a single cigarette today for the first time in about 2 years !!! And then it will be battle on....


EBT Girl still a B***** nicotine addict at the moment :mad:

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Im going cold turkey, my lifes a bit stressful at the moment so not sure that helps, although i dont really want to use it as a poor excuse either :-(


You may have to take some time and be really prepared.... it is silly for you to torture yourself..... you want to do the first day, first week, first month only ONE time.... I'm the odd one out here having used something totally different.... I knew from past experience that I would get panic feelings so my doc gave me a Valium type alternative..... took it for the first week and it helped.... I was super calm :) That is something I learned from my failures in the past and I come prepared this time to battle the nic demon....... read up on here and see what may be a good fit for you.... but I agree with BB cold turkey is NOT for everyone.... it was definitely NOT for me...... good luck!!! Hang in there!!


hang in there, i tried cold turkey and it panicked me, like others say cc isnt for everyone....i felt giving up smoking was a punishment,

champix helped me go through giving up calmly.

do whatever YOU need to do to help you, not what you think you should you, each persons journey is different and we all need different methods to keep us off those cigs.


Hi E B T Girl

We are all different I really admire you for going C T but if you feel you need an aid to begin with go see your Dr sure he will be glad to help I used champix to start took for 8 wks instead of 12 although from about 5/6wks kept forgetting to take them

Tried C T many years ago and failed dismally the same with patches as smoked over them

So go to Dr and then do what you feel is best for you just hang in there




Hi EBTG-good to see you're still here!

You can do this,Ct, patches, champix-do whatever you need to just stay off the fags!

I started with the inhalator and low dose patches and then stopped the patches (accidentally in fact) after 6/7 weeks.

Tomorrow will be 5 whole months-I can't believe it! If I can do it-you can-honestly!

Looking back, I don't think I could have picked a worse time to stop. My 13 year old daughter was rushed to hospital twice and underwent emergency surgery during week 2 of my quit. In week 4 we adopted a 10 week old puppy, who proceeded to howl the place down every night for 2 weeks-as well as the usual 'house training' issues. This was promptly followed by Christmas and a massive family rift (still not healed) and now I've got loads of work related cr*p-not a good time to be employed in financial services!

You know what? I wouldn't change a thing-I know the fact that I've coped with all of this and still not caved means this quit's for real and I'm not letting it go for anything.

It will get easier for you too-I promise-just be stronger than your addiction-cravings don't kill you but smoking will! Come on here and rant all you like-we're all behind you wiilling you on.


welcome back hun,

i thought we lost you :( , u were 1 of those ppl who seemed so positive and sure of there quit, really genuine and i was sorry for u when u were struggling at the first hurdle, and now ur back and i promise u that i and the other great ppl on here;) will help u every step of the way.

you can do it stay as positive as you are and go for gold!


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