just a reminder

what you have saved,,and what you have spent:eek:

financial benefits when you stop smoking

day 1 £4.80 for one pkt fags

week 1 £33.60

1 month £146

3 months £438

6 months £876

1 year £1,752 :eek:

just a quick reminder to us all,any newbies looking at this just see what you can save,plus you will feel a lot healthy

did you know

the life expectance of a men why give up at 30 is the same as if they had not smoked!

just a little bit of info,you probley know that already,,but just thought i would jog your mine,,to why we have stoped smoking,,so you all just keep the faith tony keep:D:D

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  • Great post Tony.

    Keep the faith :cool:

    PS: *Can you sub me a £10 'til payday?* :D

  • sorry cav ,,all my money is tierd up at the mo:p

  • Hi Tony & Cav

    According to my freindly Q M

    so far at 108 days I have saved £743.54

    by not smoking 2713 fags WOW

    frightening isn't it how much we wasted in that little time

    Love to both


  • This post is gold, thanks Tony

    How about if we then multiply the smokes we haven't smoked into drags - like average of say 8 drags per smoke

    If in 3 weeks I've saved AUD $231 and not smoked 420 ciggies that would mean I have not submitted 3,360 drags of the toxic stuff into my lungs !

  • Outch.... I just calculated on the site someone suggested today how many smokes I have had in my life..... ready for this? Not me.... about 140,000 cigs..... no, gstar, do NOT want to know how many drags that was!:eek:

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